Woah Vicky Net Worth, Career, Life and Many More

Woah Vicky Net Worth

Woah Vicky has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which she generates by brand influencing and Youtube ads. She stands at a height of five feet six inches and weighs 55 kg. Born Victoria Rose Waldrip, she is the sister of Stephanie Waldrip. The renowned actress and singer has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies. Here, we will take a look at her age, sources of income, and relationship with John “Boss” Bossi.

Woah Vicky’s net worth

The amount of Woah Vicky’s net worth is unknown, but we can gather some facts from her instagram posts. Vicky is a 19-year-old fashion designer and singer. She previously dated Papi JJ, but the relationship ended after the rumours of her being pregnant were disproved. Vicky has a slim build and is a 33B bra size, with black eyes and blonde hair.

As a teenager, Vicky completed her sophomore year at Marietta High School and later went on to complete an online Penn Foster High School program. She started her career after high school, posting pictures of posh fashions and accessories to her Instagram account. Woah Vicky’s success on the social network has gained her fans, and her videos have been shared by many big celebrities. She currently has a record-breaking 3 million followers on Instagram, and has over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Although she went to school in Marietta, she was largely homeschooled. She later earned her high school diploma at Penn Foster, a private long-distance learning institution. Papi JJ, her ex-boyfriend, also claims that Vicky is from Zone 6 in Atlanta. In 2018, Woah was arrested on charges of trespassing and assaulting a law enforcement officer. However, she was freed on bail and has since returned to her normal life.

Woah Vicky’s net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $10 million. The rapper, who has earned over $1 million, has a net worth of $10 million, according to her Instagram accounts. While her net worth is unknown, she has been involved in social media since the age of 13.

Known for her posts on Instagram, Woah Vicky has earned more than $1 million. She has a personal website where she sells merchandise. She also owns a home in Los Angeles with her boyfriend. Woah Vicky has a net worth of $990 thousand to $1 million. If you’re interested in knowing more about her wealth, her contact information is available on her website. She is an extremely successful artist, and has many opportunities in the future.

Sources of income

Known as the self-made millionaire, Woah Vicky is an American rapper. Her net worth is estimated to reach $1 million by 2022. Most of her net worth is made from her own brand deals, model endorsements, and social media fame. She earns more than ten thousand dollars a month from these sources. She is also earning more than ten thousand dollars a month from Instagram.

In addition to her music and fashion business, Woah Vicky earns from selling merchandise online. In addition to t-shirts and hoodies, she sells iPhone cases and ski masks. She has no children of her own. As of 2019, her net worth is estimated to be US$1 million. Woah Vicky also earns from paid collaborations, sponsored videos, and Instagram posts.

Her education is also a source of her net wealth. Woah attended Marietta High School and completed her sophomore year. Despite mediocre grades, she liked math and enrolled in an online program to obtain her diploma. After completing her education, she made her debut on YouTube and Instagram. She quickly became a star with a large fan base. Woah Vicky is also a successful businesswoman, and her income is mainly made from her social media presence.

Despite her success, Woah Vicky was once a trouble-making teenager. Her constant brawling and skipping classes put her at risk of suspension from school. As a result, she struggled to make friends. Her parents are Steve Waldrip and Carla Johnson. She has an older sister, Stephanie, who is currently working as a fashion designer in New York. And although she’s a famous rapper, her childhood was filled with pranks and misbehaviors.

In addition to her career in music, Woah Vicky has a large following on Instagram. Her account boasts over 3.1 million followers. Moreover, her YouTube channel contains a range of amusing posts. As of August 2018, Woah Vicky’s Instagram account has over 3.1 million followers. However, there are still some rumors surrounding her sex life. So, she needs to be careful about her finances.


The Age of Vicky is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. She has received criticism for claiming to be Black and from Atlanta’s “Zone 6”, a poor neighborhood with high crime rates. She is also embroiled in a feud with a female rapper named Danielle Bregoli, who rose to fame after appearing on the show Dr. Phil in 2017. Both artists have used their fame to grow their careers.

Woah Vicky was born in the year 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She was raised in a middle-class family and belongs to the Christian religion. Woah Vicky attended a public high school in Marietta, Georgia and then completed her education through distance learning. She eventually got a diploma from Penn Foster High School. Despite her young age, Vicky has already earned a large net worth and a loyal fan base.

According to some sources, Vicky’s net worth will increase to $1 million in 2022. The rapper has made her net worth in part through brand deals, sponsorship, and modeling. She is also a self-made millionaire. Her net worth is expected to grow even further as she continues to work hard to establish her name and to become more famous. This is an excellent opportunity for fans to support a rising star.

As an actor, Vicky Kaushal is earning a considerable amount of money. He is the son of action director Shyam Kaushal and has a younger brother, Sunny. Born in Mumbai, Vicky grew up in Chawl, Mumbai. His father is an action director in Bollywood and also a stuntman. Vicky spent the majority of his childhood in a chawl. He later attended acting workshops with Kishore Namit Kapoor.

The Age of Vicky is a critically acclaimed movie in India. With his acting and directing career, Vicky has earned over 40 million rupees. His income is primarily derived from Bollywood movies, although he has earned a great deal from his Netflix series. The Age of Vicky net worth will continue to grow as the film industry continues to thrive. In addition to making millions of dollars, Vicky Kaushal also earns millions from various endorsements.

Short Biography Of Victoria Waldrip

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Name Victoria Waldrip
Age 21 Years
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Social Media Personality
Date of Birth March 07, 2000
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Nationality American
Income $100K+ (per yr)
Spouse Single


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