Who a digital nomad is, and why it’s worth giving such a lifestyle a try

Who a digital nomad

Nomadism isn’t something new in the world. Not only are many individual nomads going from one place to another these days, but there are entire nations called nomads because of their historical lifestyles. But what about that adjective digital? What does it mean in the first place, and how different is it from traditional nomads? At last, what can make you want to try such a lifestyle? Let’s address those questions together.

So who is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person that travels and works simultaneously. Digital nomadism has become a subculture in the last decade, allowing people to break up with conventional office jobs and try something completely new. There are so many ways to practice digital nomadism that one can get lost trying to choose the best-suited format. That is, people can be highly mobile, living and working in their caravans, or less mobile, moving from one place to another by trains/buses/planes. Between these, some enthusiasts even hitchhike or travel by bike. Whatever the format, they share one activity when traveling – they all work. 

Downsides of digital nomadism

Let’s approach digital nomadism with disadvantages first – what are the pitfalls of such a lifestyle? While downsides vary by people, most deem the following the worst things about digital nomadism.

Lack of schedule and reliance on the web and digital tools

An 8-hour shift five days a week? Forget about it when traveling. Digital nomads have personal workloads and schedules even they are not fully aware of. However romantic the phrase digital nomadism may sound, people can work more than they used to when working in the office. Some days may be work-packed, while others will have a two-hour shift. Another trouble is that every type of work will require at least some Internet time, which may be problematic in some places. It puts lots of pressure on you, especially if you have deadlines. But once you learn how to combine work and travel, Internet issues will seem minute to you. For instance, many marketers and blog owners are familiar with easily accessible tools, such as vista create online, that allow for quick and effective image conversion and a whole lot of various actions. They simply bookmark these tools or use branded apps. 

Financial risks

The good thing about traveling is that it lets you savor the time and place you’re in without rushing. Conversely, you need to be disciplined and work enough to earn enough. As you can see, that goes against an easy-going traveling format. Therefore, it is not uncommon for digital nomads to have their paychecks fluctuate. Some months may be incredibly productive and lucrative, while others may be three times worse. Of course, it’s not a problem if you have savings and worry not about the income as long as you can cover your expenses even without reaching out to dollars hidden under the mattress. Still, there are people for whom this is difficult, so they must be aware of this issue beforehand.

Limited clothes 

Digital nomadism may not be your cup of tea if you are used to traveling with suitcases packed with steezy clothes. You will most likely need to carry a backpack with essentials only if you plan to travel via trains, buses, or planes. Caravan travels are a bit different and allow for more stuff to carry. Still, be ready to have the same set of clothes and, more importantly, suppress the temptation to purchase new ones. And yes, you will sometimes wear that T-shirt for slightly longer than anticipated, if you know what we mean.

What about advantages?

Luckily, digital nomadism has significantly more benefits, making this lifestyle worth trying. Let’s take a cursory look at the best things about digital nomadism to motivate you to embark on this journey and reveal its pearls. 

  • Flexibility. Although you still have work-related obligations that often confine you to them, a digital nomadic life will lead to impressive versatility and let you challenge yourself and try something new.
  • Travel opportunities. Digital nomadism opens the window of travel options. Just remember about your tasks before you set out for a trip. You will need to master your strategic thinking and learn how to create effective outlines to ensure the work/travel dichotomy works as expected. But don’t worry; they are manageable skills to obtain. Importantly, knowing them will pay off expeditiously.
  • Knowledge, scenery, emotions. Want it or not, your journeys will connect you to people that will influence your life and enrich your knowledge. Human interaction, especially with locals, will teach you plenty of stuff and make you value your life. Besides, you will be able to enjoy picturesque views of the countryside, gigantic cities, mountains, and many more. These will provide you with heartwarming and fantastic emotions lifelong!

Would you try such a lifestyle?

Have you decided yet? Digital nomadism has its pros and cons, undoubtedly. Moreover, it may not suit everyone, and there is no guarantee that you will like this experience. However, it’s worth trying the digital nomadic lifestyle before drawing bold conclusions. A slight discomfort being a pain in the neck at first may be instrumental in making you down-to-earth and teaching you how to appreciate life. After all, you can always terminate your trip and return. So, where would you go first?


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