What You Need to Know About PureWage


If you are thinking about joining PureWage, here are some facts about this program: Cost, Guarantees, External succession, and Information. Read this article carefully to make sure you understand your options. In this article, we’ll look at each of these factors and how they affect your decision to join. Hopefully, these facts will help you choose between the different. PureWage options available. Whether this program is right for you will depend on the details of your own financial situation.


The costs of pure wage inflation may be influenced by changes in the wage-tenure profile. Pure wage inflation is associated with strong expectations of future increases in wages. Recent developments in the economy, including monetary policy, may have also influenced the evolution of pure wage inflation. Using these indicators could assist policymakers in assessing the cyclical nature of the economy. Listed below are some possible causes of low pure wage inflation.


In the context of pure wages, a worker obtains a certain utility from an upcoming money payment. As a consequence, he is risk averse. But this certainty is smaller than the expected money payment. To make the certainty equivalent wage smaller, the worker must spend more than he would receive in an optimal pure wage schedule. But this problem is solved by implementing the pure wage schedule. The next step is to understand what exactly makes a pure wage schedule optimal.

If the optimal wage-title schedule is wmin*p, then wages and titles should be made public. However, wages are not needed for motivation. If everyone were paid wmin, the only difference would be the titles and outputs. So, what is the optimal wage-title schedule? It is P, w, and it is uniquely determined for most employees. So, wages cannot be secret if they are homogeneous. The optimal wage-title schedule has fewer titles than wages PureWage.

To calculate the optimal wage-title schedule, use the coarsest pure title partition P*. The first segment of cells is the minimum wage, and the second segment pays as before. From here, the minimum wage is strictly increased across all cells. Then, it stretches to the top cell of P*. Then, the optimal trigger wage is wmin, plus a positive bonus B on all outputs in the top cell.

External succession

In succession plans, you can include an external candidate in the succession plan by selecting Add/External Candidate in the Candidates section. Select a descriptive flexfield for the candidate. External candidates will be visible to users with a Viewer role, but owners cannot edit their details. To remove an external candidate from a succession plan, you must change the succession plan owner’s role or assign an administrator’s role to the external candidate.

The decision to hire an external candidate may not be as simple as it seems. Companies should first consider internal candidates, then consider the potential external candidate. Using both internal and external talent in succession planning will help minimize the risk of a poor fit for the job. The decision to hire external candidates should be based on the organizational needs and the availability of both internal and external talent. By carefully considering the pros and cons of each option, an organization can reduce the risk of an unfilled executive position.


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