What Is Hallowod?


Hallowod is the past participle of the word “halow”, which comes from Middle English halowen. It is related to the Old English word halig, meaning holy. In the Middle Ages, All Hallows’ Day was also known as All Hallows’ Even. Since the celebrations of this holiday began to involve supernatural creatures, it was referred to as “All Hallow Even”. All Hallows’ Day and All Saints’ Eve became synonymous in later years, and the latter term is now commonly used to refer to Halloween.


Are you looking for synonyms for hallowed? This word has 288 synonyms in the English language. Depending on how you define the word, you can find one that suits your purpose. We have listed the most common hallowed synonyms below. If you want to improve your language skills, try out these alternative words for hallowed. These words have the same meaning and can be used to describe the same thing. You can use them to increase your vocabulary and learn new words.

Another synonym of hallow is ‘depraved’. Whether you’re referring to something in the Bible or in the dictionary, there are a variety of synonyms for hallow. You can also search hallowod synonyms to improve your writing. However, remember that there is no 100% guarantee that the synonyms will be accurate. If you use a wrong synonym, don’t blame the dictionary.


Are you looking for an antonym for the word hallowed? Here are 47 synonyms for hallowed. Choose the one that best matches your definition! Find the perfect word to complete your sentence by reading through these antonyms for hallowed. Also, check out the pronunciations of the words. These antonyms for hallowod are sure to help you improve your vocabulary! Read on to learn more!

Some words are synonymous with hallow, including dedicate and consecrate. While they all mean the same thing, they differ in nuance. While hallow is an adjective, dedicate and consecrate are both nouns. They both imply solemnity and the sanctity of the event. The first one emphasizes solemnity and the second carries a meaning of devotion. It is also a synonym for the noun hallow.

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