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Robert Wagner Net Worth

With his extensive filmography portfolio and long-running acting career, Robert Wagner has a healthy net worth of $15 million. His net worth is estimated to have increased from $1.5 million in 2001 to $24 million in April 2022, based on the annual salary he earns for his movie roles. Although he has not disclosed the exact earnings per film, the actor’s net worth has steadily increased throughout his long career, which spanned the 1950s and the early 21st century.

Robert Wagner’s net worth

Actor Robert Wagner has an estimated net worth of $25 million, which may be a big surprise to fans. Wagner is known for his recurring role as the heartbroken singer in the popular musical Oklahoma!. His wealth is largely the result of his success in the movie industry. He has been married four times, the most recent to Jill St. John in 1990. Previously, Wagner was married to two women – Hazel Alvera Wagner and Marion Marshall. After a divorce, he married St. John. The couple has two daughters together, Katie Wagner and Sarah Grace.

The singer moved to Los Angeles when he was seven years old. He had always wanted to be an actor, and he made his first film as an uncredited extra in ‘The Happy Years’. Later, he was discovered by a talent scout at a Beverly Hills restaurant. Since then, his career has been shaped by 20th Century Fox. In addition to Hollywood, Wagner has received numerous honors, including two Hollywood Walk of Fame stars.

Robert Wagner was born in 1930 in Michigan. His paternal grandparents emigrated from Germany to the US. His parents did not go to school and he spent most of his time working as a caddie for actors like Fred Astaire and Alan Ladd. As a teenager, he began acting and his net worth has steadily increased. Despite his modest net worth, Wagner is considered one of the most successful actors in history.

Robert Wagner’s career began in the 1950s when he began appearing in films as a background character. He was not given credit for his first film, but he soon gained prominence with “The Happy Years” and “Beneath the Twelve-Mile Reef”. He has continued to be a popular actor and tv personality, appearing as a guest on many television shows and hosting several television shows.

Whether Robert Wagner is living the life of luxury or pursuing his passions, his net worth is highly visible. His career spans decades and includes roles in television shows, movies, and tv shows. His autobiography, Pieces of My Heart, became a best seller. And while his net worth is significant, his life has also been filled with scandals. He was married to Natalie Wood for four years, and their divorce was announced in 2006.

The actor Robert Wagner has a net worth of $20 million. His income comes from his acting career, which he began at age 19 and has lasted for decades. He has appeared in films like “Song in My Heart” and “The Pink Panther.” He has also starred in numerous TV shows and authored several books. His net worth has increased due to his acclaimed filmography. He lives in California. The best part is, his net worth will only continue to increase.

Robert Wagner’s relationship with Jill St. John

It’s a well-kept secret that Robert Wagner was once in love with actress Natalie Wood. She died from drowning off Santa Catalina Island in 1981. However, Natasha Gregson Wagner recently talked about her relationship with her stepfather. She told the New York Times that she had been in touch with her stepfather for several years before Natalie Wood died. St. John even sent the actor flowers when she learned about Natalie Wood’s death.

While Wagner and St. John were once romantically involved, their relationship was short-lived. Although the couple remained friends after their split, they only met a few times. In 1997, they appeared together in an episode of Seinfeld. They starred separately in Out There and The Trip in 1995. In 2014, they starred in the TV movie Northpole, where St. John played the conniving former sister-in-law of Thomas Mallory. In 2002, they starred in a series of comedies, including Jerry Lewis’s The Player.

Jill St. John was born on August 19, 1940. She had several relationships before meeting Wagner. She was married several times before falling in love with Wagner. Their relationship began in 1982, and they dated for eight years before marrying in May 1990. The couple has four children together, Katie Wagner, Courtney Wagner, and Natalie Gregson Wagner. Their children are three-and-a-half and five-year-old.

Last year, the LAPD named RJ Wagner a person of interest in Natalie Wood’s death. He was arrested a day after Natalie disappeared, and Wood’s family believes his motive was jealousy. Natalie’s sister-in-law says her father did not want her to be involved in her death, and she believes her father’s death was an accident. In addition, Natalie’s mother claims that her ex-husband smashed her wine bottle with her.

Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding the two children’s deaths, Robert and Jill remained together for the rest of their lives. After their third marriage, the two divorced and remarried. However, they stayed in touch and Jill was able to take care of the children. Even after the death of her mother, Courtney attended high school with RJ and learned how to ski.

After separating from her first husband, the two married at a young age. Neil was a wealthy linen heir. The two split in 1958 and were married in 1957. Jill was barely 17 when she married Millionaire Neil Dubin. Her marriage ended in a divorce. They had two children, but split in 1968. She also went through a period where she married another man – singer Jack Jones.

Their relationship has been turbulent, with both parties claiming that the other one cheated on her. Lana St. John, Jill’s mother, refused to pose with her former husband when they were photographed together for a Vanity Fair spread. She also came to a 2016 event honoring St. John, and confronted RJ about speaking to detectives. But they remained friends.

Robert Wagner’s home

If you’re curious about Robert Wagner’s home value, you’re in luck. The Hollywood star has a relatively low home value, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worth a lot of money. The home of the iconic actor is worth around $6 million, according to the latest valuation of Wagner’s property. This figure is based on the home’s location, but there’s more to it than that.

In July of this year, Robert Wagner sold his 4,556-square-foot house in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The house was designed by Cliff May, a noted architect who also designed the mansion. Wagner and his wife, Jill St. John, reportedly purchased the property in 1983, and it was sold for $14 million in January 2021. Since then, Robert and Jill St. John have moved to Aspen, Colorado, and still own a home in Los Angeles.

The star has a long list of accomplishments and an extensive career spanning decades. He’s appeared in countless movies and TV shows, and even wrote a best-selling memoir. His Hollywood success has led to a hefty home value. The actor has had several relationships with different women throughout his life. His first marriage to Natalie Wood took four years to complete. It’s easy to see why his home has become so valuable.

In addition to his film career, Robert Wagner is a writer and producer. His net worth is $15 million. He has received many awards and nominations for his work, and has acted in hundreds of movies and TV shows. Robert Wagner also married Natalie Wood twice, and had children with her. He has four children. The home value of Robert Wagner’s home will depend on how much you want it to be worth. Once you’ve figured out what Robert Wagner’s home is worth, you’ll have more money to invest.

There’s no shortage of reasons to purchase a Wagner property. His impressive list of credits includes over 50 movies and television productions, and the fame that he’s garnered over the years makes him a desirable asset. In addition, there’s no shortage of collector’s items – his collection of autographed books is nearly as large as his career. And he’s still working on his next movie.

After Wood died, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department named Wagner a person of interest. He denied being involved in the case. However, he was Wood’s stepfather, and his stepdaughter, now known as Natasha Gregson Wagner, grew up under his roof. After Wood’s death, he began dating Jill St. John, who he later married. Wood and Wagner were married in the late 80s, eight years after his wife died.

The actor’s home was listed for $125 million when he sold it in 2012. It was a prime piece of real estate, situated on a mountaintop near Tom Selleck’s home in Hidden Valley. The property is now owned by El Campeon Farms. But it’s not a “RJ Farms” house anymore, so it’s unlikely to be worth that much. But the actor has been successful throughout his career.

Short Biography Of Robert Wagner

Full Name Robert Wagner
Net Worth $15 Million
Date Of Birth 10 February 1930
Place Of Birth Detroit, Michigan USA
Height 1.8 m
Profession American stage, screen, TV actor
Education Santa Monica High School
Nationality American
Spouse Jill St. John (m. 1990), Natalie Wood (m. 1972 – 1981), Marion Marshall (m. 1963 – 1971), Natalie Wood (m. 1957 – 1962),
Children Katie Wagner, Courtney Brooke Wagner
Parents Hazel Alvera Wagner, Robert John Wagner Sr.
Siblings Mary Wagner
Awards People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series
Nominations Emmy Award for Best TV Actor, Golden Globe awards
Movies “The Happy Years” (1950), “Austin Powers”, “The Pink Panther”, “Beneath the 12 mile Reef”, “A Kiss Before Dying”, “Between Heaven and Hell”, “Sail A Crooked Ship”, “The War Lover”, “Titanic” (1953)
TV Shows “It Takes A Thief”, “Switch”, “Hart to Hart”,”Two and a Half Men”, “Hart to Hart” (1979-1984), “Switch” (1975–78)


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