Pokemon Sword & Shield Guide

Pokemon Sword & Shield

Among the many new features in Pokemon Sword & Shield are the unprecedented level of avatar customization. Change your eye color and hair color and try on an assortment of outfits! You can also choose from one of 16 distinct flavors of Alcremie. A new ghost type, the Polteageist, is another exciting addition. The game’s vast collection of Pok√©mon is sure to delight the most dedicated Pokemon fans.


In Pokemon Sword & Shield, the player takes control of giant Godzilla-like creatures with Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing. Both abilities change your Pokemon’s stats, color, and size, and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Read on to learn more about these new abilities. But before you try them out, it’s best to familiarize yourself with their strengths and weaknesses.

Gigantamaxing is the process of super-sizing a Pokemon in specific areas. The process also changes its appearance, making it look different than the other Pokemon. For example, Meowth turns into a long cat, Lapras gets musical notes on its skin, and Pikachu is a retro fat Pikachu. Gigantamax Pokemon can also use powerful attacks known as G-Max Moves. Currently, there are three G-Max Moves that can be performed by Gigantamax Pokemon.


In Pokemon Sword & Shield, there are 8 Gym Leaders. The game rewards players with badges and uniforms if they defeat Gym Leaders. Here’s a guide to each Gym Leader. Read on to find out how to beat each Gym Leader and what each one’s strengths and weaknesses are! After you’ve beaten all the Gym Leaders, you can go on to fight the champions and earn the Champion Cup!

The first Gym leader in Pokemon Sword & Shield is Piers, who uses Dark-type Pokemon. He can be found at the Spikemuth Gym, which is located in the Galar region. You must progress through the story to reach this gym, but don’t be scared to use Dark-type Pokemon to beat him. This gym leader also doesn’t allow you to Dynamax your Pokemon, so be prepared to fight with them!

Max Raid Battles

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can now join a battle online with your friends. You can join online Max Raid battles with random people, friends, or other players via WiFi. Max Raid battles are a great way to meet other players and level up your Pokemon. But, before you can do so, you must know how to start a battle. Read on to find out how to start your Max Raid battle!

Unlike in regular Pokemon battles, in a Max Raid Battle, players are allowed to Dynamax. Each turn, one player in a raid gets the Dynamax form. The player who receives this option first gets it, then rotates it down the list of players. This way, a player can increase their chances of facing Gigantamax Dreadnaw or a Corviknight.

81 new Pokemon

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, you will encounter 81 new species of Pokemon, 13 additional Galarian forms, and more than 306 classic characters. This game’s number of new Pokemon is lower than most fans had hoped, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find some of your favorite characters. In fact, the game’s regional forms and roaming Pokemon are returning as well.

Among the 81 new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword ‘n’ Shield are the following: Sobble, Grookey, Scorbunny, and Grookey. The game also features a Galar Pokedex with information on all of the region’s unique Pokemon. The Pokedex in Pokemon Sword & Shield contains information on each of these Pokemon. If you don’t know the details of these Pokemon, consult the following article.

Gyms in Galar region

Unlike the other regions in the core series, the Galar region in Pokemon Sword & Shield does not have traditional badges for Gym Leaders. Instead, they are named after the type of Pokemon that they battle. They also require trainers to wear official uniforms, similar to Super Contests in Sinnoh. In addition, there are very few numbered routes in Galar, with Northern Ireland being the sole exception.

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll be tasked with defeating eight Gym Leaders spread across the land. Unlike other games, there is no one-on-one competition, but you can fight other players from different teams in a variety of different gyms. You can even customize your Pokemon’s appearance by changing their volume levels. Moreover, you can learn new moves to help you defeat Gym Leaders in the Galar region.


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