Pit Viper’s Easter Post

pit viper easter post
pit viper easter post

Following an outcry on social media, the company that makes the iconic Pit Viper sunglasses deleted a post from its Instagram account that was vulgar and insensitive to Easter. The company is still dealing with concerns about hacked accounts and the sensitivity of the holiday. While the company is apologetic for the post, we can’t help but wonder what the company really thinks was going through its head. To learn more about this topic, read on.

Pit Viper’s Instagram account has been hacked

There are many theories as to how this happened, including the possibility that a Pit Viper employee hacked the Instagram account and posted comments about Jesus, children, and Easter. The company has deleted the comments, but there are also those who believe that the Instagram account was hacked. However, this doesn’t mean that a Pit Viper employee has committed a crime. This post merely represents one possible reason for the hack.

After the controversy was triggered, the company quickly deleted the post. Since then, the company has remained silent. However, this has not stopped the backlash from spreading across the internet. Since the Easter post was published, a screenshot was taken of the photo. This picture has since been shared on various social media sites and TikTok. The company has not yet commented publicly on the matter, but there are many questions lingering about the hack.

The Instagram account of the hip hop artist is being attacked by users angry at his comments about Easter. However, the hacked account has no way to contact him or even confirm that the comments were not posted by the artist. It has triggered a massive backlash on social media. The artist’s followers are now asking other members of the hip hop community to boycott the rapper. In the meantime, hashtags such as #breakthepits have started trending on Twitter.

On Social Media

The infamous comment on Easter Sunday on Pit Viper’s Instagram page was posted as a TikTok video, and many people have expressed outrage. Although the comment was too explicit to be quoted, it was undoubtedly offensive and inconsiderate towards Easter and Jesus. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who hacked the account, but the backlash has been widespread on the social media.

Another rumor that the Instagram account of the Pit Viper sunglasses brand was hacked is the caption on a photo that the sunglass manufacturer shared on Easter Sunday. The caption was x-rated and thoughtless, and many users were shocked by the content. However, the photo and caption are now gone. Many people are wondering what the real reason behind this is and what happened to the other Instagram accounts.

Its comment on Easter Sunday was x-rated

A popular sunglasses brand recently sparked controversy by removing a caption on their Instagram account. The caption was long and x-rated and was not only controversial but also insensitive to Easter. Although the sunglasses brand has deleted the post, the screenshot has been widely shared and circulated. The designer of the sunglasses has not yet publicly responded to the controversy. However, the caption has made his brand more infamous than ever.

The caption was too long to reproduce here, but it is a screenshot of the caption. Also, The caption is a long, x-rated paragraph describing the sunglasses designer’s carelessness with Easter and Jesus. The caption is so explicit that it’s too difficult to link it. The image was captured by other humans and has been posted on several social media and TikTok platforms. It is unclear why the post was removed, but it’s clear that this controversial Instagram post has sparked a lot of backlash.

Since the photo was published, Pit Viper has been receiving criticism for the remarks. Initially, the comments were meant to poke fun at Jesus, but after the post became public, he removed them and then changed them to make a sarcastic joke. He also deleted the caption and removed the image altogether, but this later went viral. It’s unclear if the sunglasses were hacked or not, but many followers are upset that a “snake” made such a controversial comment.

A hashtag #breakthepits began trending on Twitter, and many people are boycotting the brand in protest of the comments. Some are calling for the brand to be pulled from Instagram. Another Twitter user wrote, “#breakthepits” as a response to the hashtag. Ultimately, the brand is facing a backlash – with a hashtag that says “#breakthepits” on it.

Pit Viper Easter Post

The new Pit Viper sunglasses are bulletproof, and have a unique connection to military badasses. Originally created by ski bums, the sunglasses are hand-painted with vintage Army SPECs. But after a Kickstarter campaign, the sunglasses were a hit among sports enthusiasts and military personnel. And now the brand has expanded to include apparel and other items that are fit for the military. Now, the company will donate up to 1,200 pairs of BALL-ISTIC(tm) sunglasses to military personnel with every purchase of one of its sunglasses. In honor of the Salute to Service game, the sunglasses will be given away to veterans and other military personnel.

Despite their cult following, Pit Viper sunglasses are not the most affordable product in the world. The company offers two different options: a plastic carrying case or a soft pouch for cleaning. Both types of cases are easy to store and transport. The glasses can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Returns should be in their original packaging. Refunds will be issued within five to seven business days, but you can’t exchange them for other styles or colors.


The original polarized sunglass is lightweight and comfortable, offering 100% UV protection and 12% light transmission. They are made in China, but they are shipped to the US. Their polarized lenses provide excellent protection against flying objects. This pair of sunglasses is perfect for water sports, as they are made for extreme activity. You’ll love the look of these sunglasses and the way they fit comfortably in your hand. There is no other pair of sunglasses quite like it.

The marketing of Pit Viper sunglasses is provocative, which is good news for those with a love of sport and style. In addition to designing sunglasses for extreme activities, the company donates a portion of all profits from the Pride Month sale to the Trevor Project. The Pit Viper brand represents a world of go getters, legendary party-goers, and vibrant characters. And since the sunglasses are bulletproof, they’re the perfect accessory for the sport.

Its website has been hacked

A recent Facebook post by Pit Viper had a scathing response. The comment was deemed X-rated, vulgar, and insensitive to Easter and Jesus. Upon further investigation, the website was hacked. The owner of the site has not yet released an official statement, but social media users are already asking whether the company should apologize for the comment. Regardless, the company should take a step back and consider the security of their users and removing the offending posts.

The unauthorized access to the website has sparked widespread criticism of the company’s actions, which include deleting the compromising comment. Despite the hack, the company has not publicly commented on the controversy. However, a trend has developed following the post, with many fans calling for a boycott of the company. The hashtag “#breakthepits” has even begun trending on Twitter.

The company deleted the post on their Instagram page shortly after it was published. Several people took screenshots of the post and published them online. However, the company has not yet publicly commented on the controversy. In the meantime, the company is working to restore the website’s functionality and remove any potentially infringing content. However, the unauthorized access to the website is a significant problem, so if you want to avoid the inconvenience of the hacked post, don’t wait. The website will be back up soon.

The hacker’s motives remain unclear, but it’s clear that they are trying to make a profit out of the publicity that the post generated. The company posted several photos of sunglasses that feature a picture of Jesus on Easter Sunday, and they also revealed a new set of sun glasses in their Instagram feed. It’s unlikely that the site was hacked, but it certainly is an unfortunate incident to have happened.


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