Painter of the Night: All You Need To Know

Painter of the Night

The story of Painter of the Night centers around Seungho, a noble man who uses his position to live a sexually deviant, hedonistic lifestyle. His mate, Na-kyum, acts as a foil for his deviant tendencies. Despite his nudity and charisma, Seungho is an incredibly dangerous and compelling antagonist. Despite this, fans of the film will not want to give up this highly entertaining and provocative story.

Yoon Seungho of Painter of the Night

The plot of Yoon Seungho, painter, of the night revolves around a young man who is obsessed with the erotic paintings created by his beloved Baek Na-kyum. His desire for erotic painting has influenced him since he was a child. After he discovers that these paintings have captivated the public, he decides to search for the painter behind them. While doing so, he kidnaps Baek Nakyum, a teacher of erotica paintings.

In-hun is the poet and teacher of literature in the Yoon family. He thinks that Seungho has everything, but he doesn’t assist Na-kyum at all. He doesn’t understand the situation, as he is completely unaware that he’s a captive. The character is born on December 12, and he stands at 185c. Although he is a handsome man, his glasses make him difficult to draw.

Although Seungho doesn’t like women, he has a strong connection with the painter, and often lets her touch his loin. The painter, however, will never let Seungho touch his face. However, his relationship with the painter continues to develop, as he tries to protect Baek Na-Kyum. During their first sex, Seungho is so obsessed with BNK that he even tries to sneak up on her to take her virginity.


The novella “Na-kyum, painter of the night” is the first book in a series of BL comic books written by Yoon Seungho. The novel follows the main character Na-kyum, who is hesitant to create erotic paintings for his lover Yoon Seungho. Seungho, who has become jealous of Na-kyum’s success, approaches him and offers him a job as a teacher, but he has no idea that he is actually looking at him!

Na-kyum was born in December and raised as the daughter of a low-caste courtesan. In a time when low-caste people were treated with sex-based inequality, Na-kyum had an artistic talent. He carved intricate patterns into the ground with a stick. His paintings showed men in intercourse. His paintings have won numerous awards and have captivated viewers all over the world.

Later, after his paintings were published under a pseudonym, Na-kyum turned his back on painting. However, his obsession with the art was too strong, and he eventually gave it up, living a drunken life. Still, he kept a bag of his painting tools in his room. He also wrote a book about his experiences in the past. But this is not all. The novel explores his life and his experiences with art as well.

Throughout the novel, the closeness between the two figures grows. For example, in chapter 47, the painter puts his finger into the mouth of the painter, displaying his desire for him. The implication is that the unconscious speaks to us through our hands. Consequently, the painter must accept this fact before he can love his beloved. However, this relationship must also be a mutual one.

Seungho in Painter of the Night

In the eponymous novel, Seungho, painter of the dark, the protagonist is a young man with a muscled physique and a sharp jawline. His fair skin is marked with thick eyebrows and his black hair is tied in a topknot. His warm amber eyes are a deep red. He wears typical clothing such as black pants and a black shirt.

While BNK’s unbridled lust and violence led to him being cast out by his father, Seungho’s character and psyche were shaped. One of his partners is Jiwha, who describes him as being very moody and violent. Later, a servant notes that Seungho once hurt a woman deeply. As a result, he has been forced to eliminate all witnesses. However, this didn’t stop him from sacrificing his virginity to protect the woman he loves.

During the early stages of their childhood, Nakyum observes a softer side to her brother. She continues to communicate with him and feels the same way about him. But unlike Seungho, Nakyum has a very independent personality and is often surrounded by “sisters” in her younger years. She is self-aware and understands that her brother is power-hungry.

The book aims to reveal the inner workings of a sociable alpha and how his life has evolved. He is educated and experienced. His servants arrange meals and purchases what he desires. He has access to Royal Academy of Painting paper and art supplies. He is also knowledgeable about Wang Bang-Yeon, a poet who inspired him to paint the night. His servants also provide a sanctuary for his creative mind.


Jihwa is a self-destructive, selfish, and capricious young man. He prefers to let others do the things he can’t do, and he talks to the hitman to hurry up the job. His vengeance will be brutal and the end of his noble life will be swift, but his heart is buried in the ground. If this character were to be your beloved, you would want to read this comic book as soon as you can.

The protagonist is a man who is desperate to protect his beloved, but who is afraid to tell others of his true intentions? In Jihwa’s case, this isn’t an easy task. The noble is terrified of Jihwa, and she has no idea why he wants to kill her. But she doesn’t want the world to know about her feelings. So she hires Nameless to protect her and warns him about the dangers of the situation.

While Yoon Seungho is the eldest son in the Yoon family, he is a talented erotic painter, and he is attracted to his work. But his desire for power forces him to enlist Baek Na-kyum in his scheme to woo the nobleman. Meanwhile, Na-kyum, who is a talented artist, must endure the endless nights to realize his ambition.

Na-kyum’s noona Painter of the Night

In-hun is a young poet and literature teacher who shows interest in the paintings of Na-kyum. Although he is the eldest son of the Yoon family, he has been rumored to be promiscuous and violent. He wishes to create works with others. His relationship with Jihwa is tense, but he is not aware of being held captive. He also manipulates the poem Na-kyum owns and makes his way into his classroom.

The main protagonist of the novel, Baek Na-kyum, has greenish brown eyes with a thin double eyelid. He has long eyelashes and thin eyebrows. His complexion is pale and he has cropped hair. His personality is very strong and he always argues with his fellow protagonist Yoon Seung-ho. The main lead is very persistent and never backs down from any fight.

In chapter 29, Baek Na-Kyum realizes that his lord was not being truthful when he warmly embraces the scholar. His judgment of this gesture was made without paying attention to his lord’s remark, and Jung In-Hun took advantage of his warm affection. However, the young boy never speaks to him. Hence, the artist’s sympathy was not returned.

In chapters 46 and 68, kisaeng caresses the painter’s cheeks. Her hands restrain her mouth, but she still cannot speak. The painter, meanwhile, accepts her fate. Similarly, in chapter 68, she does not resist her desire to act like the past. And this is what makes her such an intriguing character. You can’t imagine the novel without reading it!

Yoon Seungho’s attitude towards the painter

The painting was a very important part of the story, as it shows the painting’s underlying theme of lust. Yoon Seungho’s motives for the painting are not entirely clear, but he seems to have a desire to impress the painter. He even goes so far as to try to gain power through sexual experiences with the painter, which he never gets. The painter never sees the intelligence and intellect in Yoon Seungho, but only his obsession with sex.

A member of Doojoonists and Painter of the Night, Yoon Seungho is very eager to impress others. He even asks the painter to make him a picture of himself. The resulting picture features Yoon Seungho’s horny face and spreading legs. But if this is too sexual, then the painter will be unable to make any money.

In the beginning, Seungho is indifferent to Y/n. After seeing a pair of (e/c) orbs hovering over him, he falls into a deep sleep. He listens to his pillow’s heartbeat, but it is not a real heartbeat. His eyes are wide, and his body is drab, but he has a sexy look on his face.


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