Open Upload South32 Suing Bhp.Com 100 Billion Dollars Class Action Lawsuit Flikr

South32, a company which was founded in 2012, is suing for 100 billion dollars. The company is suing the mining company because it has violated open upload regulations and is preventing users from posting their photographs and videos. South32 claims that the Australian mining company is violating the law. The company’s founder claims that it’s a violation of the US Constitution and the law of property rights.

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  • Bhp south32 Flikr 100 billion dollars stock fraud class action lawsuit.
  • South32 suing bhp 100 billion dollars stock fraud join the class action lawsuit now Flikr.
  • Open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit Flikr
  • Bhp 100 Billion Dollars Stock Fraud Class Action lawsuit.
  • South32 suing bhp bhp com 100 billion dollars stock fraud join the class action lawsuit now Flikr.


South32 has filed a class action lawsuit against alleging breach of privacy rights. The company has allegedly uploaded more than 100 million photos of people without their knowledge and without their consent. They are asking for damages of up to $100 billion dollars. They also claim that BHP is guilty of widespread age discrimination against older employees.

BHP and South32 were a common target, with similar internal protocols and regulations. However, the two companies began to sue each other, eventually resulting in a merger. South 32 was listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange before merging with BHP.


The 100 billion dollar class action lawsuit filed against BHP by South32 claims that the two companies have committed fraud. Both CEOs were responsible for the growth of both companies, but when the CEOs of each company start making false claims and misrepresentations, conflicts develop.

As the world’s largest mining company, BHP has made numerous moves to entice investors. A recent move saw the creation of an independent global mining and metals firm. The company rebranded itself BHP Billiton and joined the London Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange, and Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The South32 lawsuit focuses on how BHP’s open upload policy on Flickr violated the privacy rights of its users. This is based on the fact that the photos were uploaded without the consent of the user. The activists are seeking damages for invasion of privacy and emotional distress.

BHP Billiton and South32 suing bhp bhp com 100 billion dollars stock fraud join the class action lawsuit now Flikr.

South32 is suing BHP for 100 billion dollars as part of a class action lawsuit. It was openly uploaded on the Flikr website and claims that BHP has been defrauding the investors of their money through stock fraud. The company’s CEO, Luigi Bian, is the defendant.

In 2006, BHP had rebranded as BHP Billiton and listed on the London Stock Exchange as well as the Australian and Johannesburg stock exchanges. The company owned South32 in Australia and was renowned for its mining business in Britain. It was planning to retain its London Listing and trade as a Unified Australian company.

The case has been filed in the UK and includes a new group of claimants. This case was filed last November, and BHP has four weeks to respond. The case was delayed last year because of travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus. However, the case is now scheduled to be heard in English courts in July 2020. The decision in this case will impact many other similar lawsuits against English companies.

The lawsuit was filed after South32’s bankruptcy filing in 2014. Also, The lawsuit was filed after the mining company had demerged its assets and decided to create an independent global mining and metals corporation. The lawsuit states that South32’s assets have been abandoned by BHP for bigger, more profitable assets. The documents show that the company is focused on iron ore, metallurgical coal, oil and copper.

The company was known as BHP before the merger in 2001. It is a multinational mining company headquartered in Australia. Its operations span the world and include aluminum, copper, iron, and steel. It also has offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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