Demon Emperor and Magic Emperor – “The Young Married Woman – Xinci

Demon Emperor

The demon emperor and magic emperor Zhuo Yifan was targeted by students and experts, who betrayed him. As a result, his soul enters the body of the family servant boy named Zhuo Fan, and he must unite his memories to bring his descending family back to the pinnacle of the continent. To do so, he must first defeat Xie Yan, who is trying to kill him, and then save his own family.

Zhuo Yifan was a magic emperor

Legend has it that the Demon Emperor Zhuo Yifan once lived. He possessed the Nine Serenities Secret Scriptures, which were highly coveted by many experts. However, he was betrayed by a disciple and eventually died. After he died, his soul was transferred to a boy who served his family. It was the responsibility of this child to bring his family back to the pinnacle of the continent, where Zhuo Yi-Fan once reigned.

In the past, the Luo Clan used Zhuo Fan as a guard for its leaders. He was killed by Black-Wind Mountain Bandits during the Luo Yun-Chang’s escort. In his last moments, he was consumed with obsession. This obsession was so intense that it eventually overpowered Zhuo Yi-Fan, who was infatuated with the death of his brother. Despite his death, Zhuo Yi-Fan remained devoted to the Luo Clan, vowing his lifelong devotion to the Luo Clan.

Zhuo Fan is a demon emperor

In the world of Chinese mythology, Zhuo Fan, a demon emperor and magic expert, was born as an orphan and later became the Demon Magic Emperor of the Holy Land. However, his destiny was tainted by betrayal by a student and he died. His soul was transferred into a servant boy. When the boy was brought back to life, he was forced to serve his mistress and serve her.

As a servant in the Cloud Manor, Zhuo Fan was fifteen years old at the time. One day, he was escorting the young master and miss as they fled the manor. During his last breaths, Zhuo Fan was filled with obsession. Despite his young age, Zhuo Fan was so powerful that he became the Demonic Emperor Zhuo Yifan. His laughter echoed through the bleak forest.

Xie Yan is a villain

In the fantasy novel, “The Young Married Woman – Xinci”, Xie Yan is a powerful sex-monster. He is also a brilliant and ruthless martial artist. In order to gather origin points from girls, Xie Yan uses his handsome looks. He needs to evoke people’s emotions in order to gather origin points. Despite this, Xie Yan is a dependable ally and he cares for his family.

Xie Yan is the protagonist of “I’m an Evil God.” He was originally from Earth but was transmigrated to the world of martial arts and cultivation. He developed a system to cultivate efficiently and travel to different worlds. As a disciple of the Mo Qing Sect, Xie Yan is a martial artist who travels the world to collect rewards.

Zhuo Yifan’s condition to enlist in the military

The episode begins with Zhuo Fan refusing to enlist in the military, and proposing one condition instead. The Marshal Dugu was startled and forgot about Zhuo’s status as a demon head. He dropped Zhuo’s enrollment in the military, and instead asked him to lead the Luo clan and look after the other three factions.

The following chapters follow the story of this unlikely character. The story revolves around the mysterious and powerful demon emperor, Yifan Zhuo. During the time when he was an evil spirit emperor, he was invited to lead the military of the magic emperor’s clan. As a result, he now commands three clan families. Part 259 of the manga is currently moving readers and is being ranked highly on many manga websites.


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