Kristin Tutor Net Worth, Career, Life and Many More About

Kristin Tutor Net Worth

Kristin Tutor net worth is estimated at millions of dollars. The family of the actress is extremely wealthy. Her father is a famous businessman and her husband is a movie director. To achieve such a large net worth, she must have invested a lot of money in various stock and scheme investments. Fortunately, her net worth is increasing steadily. You can find out more about Kristin Tutor by reading the articles given below.

Early Life of Kristin Tutor

The Early Life of Kristin Tutor begins when she was just a young girl, raised in a wealthy household in the Californian suburbs. Her mother, Tracy Tutor, was a successful realtor and she grew up with an interest in fashion. She began following fashion trends as a young child and spent her free time looking for fashionable clothes for herself and her mom. Eventually, she graduated from college and became a production assistant, working in the film industry.

In 2006, Kristin Tutor Eberts opened her first boutique in San Francisco. She worked with Zac Posen and featured designers like Isabel Marrant and Proenza Schouler. She then closed her first boutique and opened a second, smaller one, called Little Aura. In 2011, Kristin Tutor Eberts married the film and TV maker Christopher Eberts. Together, the two have two children and enjoy spending time with their children.

Kristin Tutor’s parents are businessmen. Her father is the CEO of Tutor Perini, one of the largest general contractors in the US. The company has over $5 billion in revenue. After graduating from college, Kristin Tutor started her own clothing line. Her first store was called AUra, and it featured an art gallery. Her second shop was called Little AUra, and she has since opened numerous other boutiques. Today, she is the proprietor of Tutor Eberts Design.

The following list of notable people in Kristin Tutor Ebert’s life include her husband, Christopher Eberts, and her sister, Tracy Tutor. Kristin Tutor Ebert’s wealth is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. Further information on Kristin Tutor Ebert’s family can be found at her organization website. After completing her degree, Kristin Tutor Ebert’s net worth is estimated at around $30 million.

Career of Kristin Tutor

Born in California, Kristin Tutor began following her passion at an early age. As a child, she would help her mother find new clothes designs. After graduating, she worked as a production assistant for films. Then, she opened her own clothing boutique, AUra, which featured a gallery and sold a variety of fashions. Since then, she has gone on to run her own design firm, Tutor Eberts Designs.

As an inside architect, Kristin Tutor-Eberts has a rich family background. She has two older brothers, one of whom is a film producer. She also has a sister, Tracy Tutor, who is a prominent realtor. In 2006, she began her own business, and her first customers were wealthy Hollywood stars. Tutor-Eberts is also the first feminine to earn a million dollar itemizing award.

As a professional interior designer, Kristin Tutor-Eberts uses art, fashion, and travel to express her style. She is also an experienced media personality and runs a successful design firm, Elbert Concept Mentor. Kristin Tutor-Eberts’ net worth is estimated at $20 million. If you are looking for a new career path, consider hiring an interior designer with a proven track record.

A rich family background can make a woman a successful entrepreneur. Kristin Tutor-Eberts’ father is a top businessman who manages Tutor Perini. Her dad founded a dress store and a business called inside planning. Her parents’ total assets are close to $20 million. This is a huge sum and can only increase her wealth. So, what can you expect from Kristin Tutor-Eberts?

Achievement of Kristin Tutor

Kristin Tutor is the inside architect of the Eberts Idea. She has a background in business and has been in charge of clothing businesses before becoming a successful inside architect. She is the sister of Tracy Tutor, a prominent real estate agent and producer. Kristin is the first feminine to be awarded the Million Greenback Itemizing Present. She enjoys traveling and eating fine dining. She also works as a volunteer for the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program.

The daughter of a successful CEO, Kristin Tutor Eberts is known for her taste and style. She opened her first boutique, Aura, in 2006, collaborating with Zac Posen. She also showcased Isabel Marrant and Proenza Schouler. In 2007, Kristin Tutor Eberts opened another boutique, Little Aura. In 2011, she closed her second store to focus on interior design. She then founded Tutor Eberts Design and became one of the most popular interior designers in the US.

Personal Life of Kristin Tutor

Kristin Tutor was born in California in the 1990s and grew up in a Christian family. Her interest in fashion came from watching her mother design clothes. She studied fashion design and opened her first boutique in 2006. She also owns a clothing store, called AUra, which was located on Montana Avenue. Kristin is also active on social media, but has not posted a lot. She would rather focus on her career and family life.

As a youngster, Kristin Tutor Eberts was enamored by her mother’s ladylike style and panache. This led her to associate design with beauty and style. Kristin Tutor-Eberts is married to Christopher Eberts, a Canadian film producer. He is best known for the films “Lucky Number Slevin” and “Lord of War”. They have two children together.

Kristin Tutor Eberts has a net worth of about $25 million. She owns an interior design firm called Ebert Concept Mentor and works for her father, who owns Tutor Perini, a building materials and construction company with revenues of $5 billion a year. Her father also has a high net worth, estimated to be close to $300 million. Her net worth is a reflection of her fame and fortune.

After graduating from USC, Kristin Roberts started working in the fashion industry as a wardrobe designer and creation partner. She found this type of work energizing but soon realized she needed to show her own vision. As a result, she created her own company and began to grow her business. Kristin doesn’t engage in public social media. Her Facebook page only has a handful of followers, and her Twitter account has less than a hundred followers.

Kristin Tutor Net Worth

The net worth of Kristin Tutor-Eberts is believed to be quite impressive. According to recent reports, she has sought $29.9 million to purchase a Holmby Hills mansion in 2020. Educated at the University of Southern California, she later went on to work as a production assistant in films before moving into real estate. Her opulent lifestyle has led to a rise in her net worth.

Tutor was born to Ronald and Alia Tutor. She has a sister named Tracy who is an elite real estate agent at Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills. Tutor is the first woman to join the ‘Million Dollar Listing’ in Los Angeles. Tutor married Canadian film and television producer Christopher Eberts in 2007 and the couple has two daughters together. She is a mother to two children, Ella and Alexander.

A native of Hidden Hills, California, Kristin Tutor grew up in a family of business owners. She attended Southern California University to study design and later worked as a production assistant for films. Her mother was an avid fashionist, so Kristin developed a unique style and knowledge of feminine design that she has used to become a successful designer. Although Kristin Tutor has been active on social media, she rarely posts anything on it, instead preferring to spend time with her family.

Kristin Tutor Eberts has a net worth of around $25 million. She owns a custom-designed mansion in Los Angeles that is listed for close to $30 million. As of 2022, she is estimated to earn more than $1 million annually. The interior designer also has a sister named Tracy Tutor. She has two children, who both have successful careers. And they are a part of the same family business.

Short Biography Of Kristin Tutor Eberts

Full Name Kristin Tutor Eberts
Age 35-40 Years Old
Date Of Birth 1990
Birth Place Hidden Hills, California, U.S.
Height 5.6 feet ( 168 cm )
Weight 50 Kg ( 110 Lbs)
Figure Measurement 34-25-35
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status Married
Husband Christopher Eberts
Father Ronald Tutor
Mother Alia Tutor
Sister Tracy Tutor
Nationality American
Hometown Hidden Hills, California
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Education University of Southern California
Religion Christianity
Instagram kristintutor


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