Kendstops Reviews – Is Kendstops a Legit Online Fashion Store?

Kendstops Reviews

Is Kendstops a legit online store? After all, the site does offer a 10% first-time visitor discount. However, the site has a low trust rating and no social media presence. Hopefully this Kendstops review will shed some light on the store. Read on for more information. We hope this Kendstops review will help you make the right decision for your next online shopping experience! Let’s start by finding out what makes Kendstops a legit online store.

Kendstops is a legitimate online shopping store

Located in the United States, Kendstops is a custom e-commerce portal focusing on fashion for women. They offer a variety of fashion items that range from apparel and footwear to accessories and swimsuits. Their prices are competitive and the site offers discounts on many items. Its website looks trustworthy and has a confirmed HTTPS connection. However, the lack of significant company information, social networking links, and shopper feedback make it difficult to determine if the website is a legitimate one.

For customers in the United States, Kendstops is an ideal choice to find clothes and footwear that are of high quality and at a discounted price. Its secure HTTPS association and matching mail server provide a high level of security. The website has positive client feedback and offers multiple money-saving offers. But, be careful of the site’s unrealistic return policy, as it may make you pay for return shipping costs. Additionally, it has received numerous complaints from customers complaining about slack customer service and late delivery.

It offers a 10% discount for first-time visitors

When promoting your site, make sure to give first-time visitors an offer like 10% off your order. This is crucial because first-time visitors may be wary of your brand and aren’t sure if they should buy anything from you. Including an incentive such as a free gift or discount on your next purchase will increase your chances of converting visitors to customers. Make sure to ship quickly, as the first impression is everything.

First-time visitors and customers are also entitled to a discount of 10% on purchases of 69$ or more. Customers who order more than 119$ or 159$ will receive free delivery. If you decide you’re not completely satisfied with the product you’ve purchased, the store will honor your money and exchange it for a different style. You can also return the item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

It has a low trust score

The website of Kendstops offers discounting deals on a variety of fashion items, such as footwear and clothing. The site has a verified HTTPS connection and a matching mail server, which indicate a secure website. Kendstops offers classy, affordable items, but is missing significant company information, shopper feedback, and social media links. Despite this, customers have praised the quality of their merchandise and customer service.

For those who are looking for an e-commerce site with a custom design option, Kendstops has a lot to offer. This site specializes in women’s fashion items such as clothing, shoes, and swimsuits, as well as a wide range of cash-saving proposals. The company’s mission is to offer fashionable products at affordable prices. However, Kendstops’ low trust score may deter some consumers.

It lacks social media presence

In addition to a poor social media presence, Kendstops Reviews lacks comprehensive company details and a substantial website. This could be an issue considering their extensive collection of fashionable products and money-saving offers. Still, they do offer a variety of discounting offers and other appealing features. A lack of social media presence is not necessarily a bad thing; some companies don’t have enough of a presence to justify their absence from the social media landscape.


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