How To Edit Your Videos On PC

How To Edit Your Videos On PC

Using videos for brand marketing is effective because 69% of customers like watching videos before buying any product or service. That’s because they find videos more authentic than other content forms, resulting in loyalty and trust towards a brand.

Videos are good at attracting people to a business site while keeping them engaged. In fact, 87% of the marketers say that well-edited videos bring them good returns on investment.

As per reports, 90% of the businesses gain new customers due to properly edited and branded content. So, you must edit a video after making it to impress the audience. 

But how do you do so? Here is a guide to help you out when editing videos on your computer:

Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

When choosing the right video editing tool, go for an online video editor. They are free of cost, at least for the basic video editing features, and are easy to use. You can choose any online video editing tool of your choice.

But make sure the editor is compatible with your PC and works on the settings you presently have on your computer. Once you have decided on the editing tool, get down to business right away.

Choose a Template

You can choose any desired templates from the hundreds of customizable templates available with your editing tool. There are three template choices available, they are:

  • Pre-made templates to make videos from scratch. These templates work for every use case and niche.
  • Text-to-video templates to turn a prepared script into a video.
  • Blank templates to have complete control over the video editing procedure.

Now follow these steps to choose the template:

  • Log into your online video editor account.
  • Choose any of the three template types you want to use.
  • Click on the template of your choice
  • Choose the template size
  • Go to the option saying Use Template.

So, you now have the template ready to edit your video.

Add Text to Your Content

This is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Click on the text box available with your template
  • Remove existing text
  • Type in your preferred text in the video

You can add text to all the text boxes available with the template or even add your own text box. The steps to add a text box are as under:

  • Go to the Text option.
  • Add a text box of your choice. In the standardized text box of your video editing tool, you can add body text, headings, and sub-headings too.

Remember, just adding words to the template will not work. Style your text in a way, so it fits the vision of your assignment. Edit the added text by:

  • Clicking on the text box in the canvas
  • Choose any one of the categories you are looking to edit.
  • Select desired size, font, and color of the text.

You can even add elements like drop shadow and animation to your text if you want.

Edit the Storyboard

If the storyboard or the background of your selected template does not appeal to you, change it. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Choose the scene by moving the slider on the timeline.
  • Now click on the storyboard background.
  • Choose the Video Edit option on your editor for cropping, trimming, and looping the video.

If you want to add, rearrange or remove a few scenes, you can do so easily by following the steps below:

  • Click on Add scene option in the timeline of the editor page for adding scenes.
  • Choose the scene you want to remove and then select the Delete option.
  • For rearranging scenes, click on the scene and slide it in the order you want it to appear.

The next step of the process is controlling the duration of your scenes. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Slide the cursor to the default timeline in your online video editing tool.
  • Get to the right side of the scene box and align the cursor to the white lines surrounding your scene.
  • Now left-click on these white lines and slide your cursor from left to right to lengthen or shorten the scene duration.

Edit the Transition of the Scenes

With the video editing tool, you get innumerable transitions for the scenes in your video. Scene transitions have a major influence on the output of the video, so pay attention to editing the transition. First of all, choose the transition for an individual scene within your video by:

  • Select Curtain Call Top options on the left or the right side of the scene box.
  • Go through options and choose a few creative transitions on the storyboard screen.

You can also do other things, like zooming in and out of the scenes to edit your video to perfection as well as duplicate the scenes.

Add Music and Edit It Too

Music in a video can differentiate it from other visual forms like images and text. Therefore, choose music carefully and add it by following the steps below:

  • Select the Music option in the asset library and choose any piece you like. You can even add music from your collection.
  • There is a bar for music appearing in the timeline. Click on it to edit music as per your preference.

Add Voice-Over to the Video

If you want the video to have authentic speech that the audiences can relate to, add voice-over to content through these steps:

  • Click on Add VO option.
  • Choose whether you want to record speech on the spot; transform the text into speech, or upload sound from your library.
  • Keep following prompts as they appear.

Turn Text into Video

To transform a large piece of text into a video, you must:

  • Get to the homepage of your online video editing tool.
  • Choose Text-To-Video template
  • Add the text you want to convert into a video. You can add text simply by copy-pasting it or providing the URL of your content.
  • Now choose Next and then choose the storyboards you want your text to appear in.
  • Modify scenes as per your choice.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The above-detailed steps will help you with your video editing on PC. But remember, video editing takes time. Slowly, you will master the art but till then, give your video editing a head start with this professional guide.


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