How does VPS Australia Server affect the ranking of an eStore?

VPS Australia


SEO is essential if you want your business to become an online brand. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial thing that your website should have.

A multilateral process ensures your website ranks highly in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings without advertising. If you are looking for appearing in the top search results on google just focus on SEO optimization. People are most likely to visit those websites mainly because of their popularity.

Let’s look at VPS in Australia Hosting and how it affects your site’s SEO in today’s article. To start, let’s first understand how VPS Servers increase website traffic.

How can VPS Servers increase the traffic to your website?

Using the Australia VPS server is helping in improvement of performance of your website in multiple ways.

  • Browser caching– browsers are asked to store downloaded web pages for future use. When you visit a page, a download of the page is automatically stored in the browser’s memory. This will enable the browser to cache the URL in the search bar, making it easier to find it later. You can offer first-time visitors this option by having a Australia VPS Server. Your business will benefit from a fast loading speed when visitors return to your page.
  • Fix broken links– The visitor’s frustration when they visit a site page, but the content doesn’t load fast, which causes them to leave. Links that are broken can be one cause of this. If businesses don’t fix broken links on their sites, they may lose a lot of potential customers. Using cheap VPS Australia you can keep visitors attracted for a longer duration of time.
  • Improve website page speed by optimizing images– This is another excellent way to increase the speed of a website. While it is essential to have good quality visual effects, you should also keep in mind that the image should be optimized not to take too long to load. 

How to choose the best VPS server for your business?

Small and Medium-sized Businesses need robust technology to compete with the Big Boys. Companies with large budgets could easily invest in a physical server in-house. However, small businesses must find cost-effective alternatives. SMBs can grow significantly with VPS hosting Australia due to Advanced-grade server configurations, administrative controls, high scalability, etc.

Here are some of the features of a VPS hosting Australia that you should never overlook.

Improved SEO rankings

New customers can be attracted through higher SEO rankings. Nowadays, Google is a significant source of organic traffic, and higher rankings in search engine results can help you beat your competitors. 

The VPS Australia provides you with private server resources and a virtual server which enables you to achieve superfast speeds. 

Increased website reliability

A website’s reliability is crucial to the success of your sales and revenue. However, you get limited resources on Shared Hosting, and your neighbors can influence your website’s performance. For example, if any neighboring websites experience a traffic spike, the shared resources get exhausted, slowing down your website. 

Australia VPS, however, ensures that your website is more reliable. Independent servers guarantee high uptime.

Resources independent

You should not take care about other websites using the good server resources. In VPS Australia, you can select the services like good RAM, disk space, CPU, etc. Furthermore, you can easily upgrade your plan as your business grows and ensure smooth website performance.  

Providing advanced security

In contrast to VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting has a higher level of security risk. Due to the lack of a unique IP address, your confidential data is at stake when a neighboring site can face the security problem.

You can enjoy Virus Scanning, Intrusion prevention, DDoS attack prevention with the dedicated IP and firewall. 

Easy management of servers

You can not have all the technical skills so you can easily opt for VPS server Australia. unmanaged servers are available. When choosing Unmanaged VPS Hosting, you do not have to worry about upgrades, technical issues, software installation, etc. You are the prime responsibility taker on your own unmanaged VPS hosting. 

No capital outlay or upfront costs

Businesses do not have to invest considerably in installing their physical servers when using VPS Hosting. The size of the server resources, the amount of storage, and the amount of RAM you require can easily be rented from reliable windows VPS Australia.

What is the impact of Serverwala’s Australia VPS Server on your SEO?

  • Reliability and Availability

Having a VPS setup has the advantage of giving you your small server. Virtual isolation exists, and there are other websites on the server, but yours remains independent of them. Your website will not be affected by problems with another website. Any other website that shares your server won’t affect your website’s performance. Search engine optimization is affected as well.

  • Quickness

An SEO-friendly website must have a fast loading speed. Neither Google, Bing nor any other search engine wants its users to visit a site that takes forever to load. Thus, search engines help the website to reduce the loads and allow easy access to the people.

People today value the speed at which a page loads. Consumers are impatient. They don’t want to wait.

  • Access to the root server

VPS Hosting offers root access as one of its most important advantages. You get full access to your server if you have root access; you get the highest clearance and complete authority. In addition, you can customize your website by installing custom software, changing configurations, etc.

  • Safety

In addition to being crucial to the growth and trust of your website, website security is also essential for SEO. The number of resources your website shares with other websites directly affects the performance of your website.

Factors that are responsible for boosting your online Business

You can rely on Serverwala if you look for a top-performing, affordable, and reliable VPS hosting in Australia. Serverwala is a world-renowned hosting company. 

The company has 56+ data centers and provides hosting services in over 21 countries. Their experience includes serving Fortune 100 companies and receiving several prestigious awards 

Learn more about Serverwala’s VPS server in Australia Hosting –

  • SSD drives
  • Control at the root
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Bandwidth redundancy in the network
  • Fast Speed
  • Preventing DDoS attacks
  • Unique IP addresses
  • Regularly back up your data
  • Support is available 24/7
  • We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee

Final Words

This article aims to inform you about how VPS Australia can help businesses expand and grow their markets. Your website must be upgraded from a shared server to a VPS server if you are currently using a shared server. As a result, your website will have improved speed, performance, security, and scalability and will likely attract long-term customers and boost business revenue.


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