GCSECloud – Teaching and Assessment


You can use GCSECloud as a teaching tool or as an assessment tool. Teachers can use the cloud-based system to teach all of the subjects included in the GCSE. The main lesson activity involves learning about cloud storage and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of using it. The assessment task involves pupils selecting the right specification for five different scenarios. For each scenario, they can choose a different computer specification from a list of options.

GCSECloud lesson

This GCSECloud lesson will help students to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. It also provides mobile learning options. The videos are high-quality and flexible, allowing students to access them wherever they are. Here are some examples of how to use this lesson in a classroom setting. To get started, download the free GCSECloud lesson guide. Then, use the worksheets to help students find the information they need.

First, identify the four basic forms of clouds. The four forms are called Cirro, Strato, Cumulo and Nimbo. Each form describes a specific type of cloud. Students can use the ‘Hole’ Lot of Clouds lesson to learn about the various types of clouds. This resource also includes discs and images for each student. Students should also be able to identify the different cloud types through the use of the ‘cloud song’. This activity also helps students identify the three categories and types of clouds.

GCSECloud homework

GCSECloud homework has been designed for use in school and college lessons. The website offers thousands of courses and lesson plans, each tailored to the specifications of the exam boards. Teachers can use the site to create their own classes and assign homework, resulting in the perfect lesson plan for their students. For further information, please contact the website. We look forward to hearing from you! We are a team of seasoned educators and technology specialists.


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