Eva Mattress Review : All You Need To Know It


The Eva mattress is on the firm side of the firmness scale, which makes it a good choice for those who sleep on their backs or tummies. Such types of sleepers need a firm, supportive base to avoid sinking too far. The upper support layers of latex and memory foam prevent the spinal curve from being pushed out of alignment, while the firm pocket springs help keep the body from dipping too far. eva mattress review

Eva Mattress has a 120-Night Trial Period

If you are considering purchasing an Eva mattress, you may have a lot of questions. The company offers a 120-night trial period during which you can try it out and get a full refund. After the trial period ends, you can donate the mattress to a charity of your choice. If you are not completely satisfied with the mattress, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund. However, before you send it back, you must give it time to recover your money.

The Eva mattress is shipped in a small box that you can place anywhere on your floor or bed frame. You may need to cut it with the included knife card, but this is not a big deal. Care should be taken not to snag the mattress, since it might void the warranty. You must first allow the mattress to unroll and flatten completely, removing it from the plastic casing. It will take a couple of hours to restore its original shape.

Eva Mattress Uses Pocket Springs

The Eva mattress is a hybrid that uses both springs and foam for comfort. The foam layer protects the springs, while the pocket springs allow for free airflow. The springs and foam layers of the Eva mattress are protected with a white fabric cover. A transition layer with polyester foam is located on the inside. This layer gives pressure points relief while providing body support. The mattress weighs about 55 kilograms, which is higher than most competitors.

The Eva mattress uses 5 zones of pocket springs to support the body’s natural alignment while sleeping. It’s ideal for back sleepers, and is about 7-8 on the firmness scale. Multiple studies show that a firmer mattress can relieve chronic back pain. The five-zone design of Eva mattresses minimizes partner disturbance. The queen-size mattress has 768 springs. The firmness level is medium. It’s also available as a side-opening ottoman set.

Eva Mattress is Made to last

The Eve Original memory foam mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good memory foam mattress at a lower price. Made to hug your body, the Eve absorbs body heat without the use of any technology to cool you down. A memory foam mattress should not be used for linebackers or anyone over 250 pounds because it is not made to hold a lot of weight. Medium and petite people are probably better suited for this type of mattress.

The Eva mattress features a soft surface, a floating feel, and a strong, durable edge. It is made of natural latex, which is dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial. The open cell and pinhole structure of the latex means it flexes and breathes and is durable enough to last for years. The Eva mattress is available at the official website, which offers free delivery in metro areas.

Eva Mattress is Affordable

The Eva mattress is not only affordable but also extremely durable. If taken care of properly, it can last for up to ten years. The mattress comes in a box and is easy to assemble. Once unrolled, it only needs a couple of minutes to re-inflate. The manufacturer of the Eva mattress is a family-run enterprise located in Foshan, China. It is BSCI and SQP certified and offers several payment options.

Its medium-firm feel makes it a good choice for side sleepers. The mattress allows the shoulders and hips to sink deeper, alleviating the pressure points on the lower back and neck. The Eva mattress is slightly heftier than most other mattresses, but is surprisingly inexpensive. The 120-night trial period is a great perk. Another nice feature of this mattress is the fact that you can return it for free. Eva will pick it up at your doorstep and issue a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.

Eva Mattress is Breathable

The Eva mattress is breathable from top to bottom and has sturdy edges to prevent moving about while you sleep. Its design makes it a good choice for people who tend to sleep hot. In addition, because it is breathable from top to bottom, it is also great for people with chronic pains. Its breathable design allows you to breathe easily while you sleep and helps relieve pains caused by chronic pain. Its breathable design also means that it won’t retain any moisture and it will stay fresh for a long time.

It’s also safe to sleep on because the Eva mattress is made of premium latex foam. This foam is dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial, so it helps to keep the bed clean and free from allergens. The foam used in the core also has the right density, which means it maintains its shape no matter what position you sleep in. The firmness of most mattresses is determined using a standard 1-10 point scale, which divides mattresses into soft, medium, and firm.

eva Mattress Offers a 12-Year Warranty

If you’re not sure if an Eva mattress is right for you, consider trying out its 120-night trial. This mattress is shipped free within Australia, and you can return it within 120 days for a full refund. The company offers a 12-year warranty, which means that if something goes wrong with the product, you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements for 12 years. This is an excellent deal, as it gives you the time you need to decide if the Eva mattress is right for you.

The Eva mattress features five separate zones of individually wrapped pocket springs. Each zone is designed to absorb additional weight, distributing pressure evenly. This allows you to customize the firmness of the mattress to match your needs and preferences. The Eva mattress is medium-firm, which makes it a good choice for people who prefer a firm bed. It offers decent edge support and minimal sinkage. Its 12-year warranty is worth mentioning, too.

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