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Emma Watson Net Worth

If you are curious about the net worth of Emma Watson, read on. We’ll cover Her acting career, Her salary from the Harry Potter movies, Her endorsements and charitable work. Emma Watson was born on 15th April 1990 in Paris. Before getting her first major acting role in the Harry Potter series, she only performed in school plays. She has a bachelor’s degree from Brown University. Listed below is a breakdown of her net worth as of 2017.

Emma Watson’s acting career

Emma Watson has been recognized as one of the best young actors of our time. A devoted feminist, she has won numerous awards for her roles in independent films and blockbusters. In addition, she has also become a prominent voice in the women’s rights movement. She has also won the Young Artist Award and three MTV Movie Awards. Read on to learn about her acting career. Listed below are some facts you might not know about Emma Watson.

Emma Watson attended The Dragon School in Oxford. The school is known as one of the finest preparatory schools in the United Kingdom. Its diverse alumni community is highly regarded. It promotes individuality and creativity. Watson became active in the school’s drama club and soon realized she had a passion for acting. She is now a member of the HeForShe movement and continues to advocate for gender equality.

Born under the sign of Aries, Emma Watson’s parents are English. Her paternal grandmother named her ‘Emma’. She lived in Paris until she was five years old and later returned to England with her mother. The first part of the Harry Potter saga was released in 2001 and broke all commercial box office records. The subsequent seven films in the series forced producers to shoot seven more films, interrupting Watson’s childhood.

The actress has starred in a number of movies including The Bling Ring and The Circle. Her career has also been highlighted in Sofia Coppola’s crime satire The Bling Ring. In 2017, she starred as Belle in Disney’s live-adaptation of the 1991 movie. In addition to “Beauty and the Beast,” she will star alongside Tom Hanks in the upcoming film, ‘The Circle’.

Emma Watson has continued her education while juggling her acting career. In May 2014, she graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. She was also named a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, a campaign for gender equality. She was also appointed to a G7 advisory committee for women’s rights. As well as her acting career, she has lent her name to several sustainable clothing brands.

Her Harry Potter salary

It isn’t hard to imagine the amount of money Emma Watson earns as Harry Potter. However, the actress is more than just a movie star. Her other side jobs include modeling and acting. In 2005, she modeled for Teen Vogue and Burberry, and in 2009 she landed the coveted role as the face of Lancome Cosmetics. In 2011, British Elle named her one of its Style Icons of the Year. From 2011 to 2014, Emma Watson attended Brown University and Worcester College, both in Oxford. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Brown University in May 2014.

Emma Watson’s acting salary is estimated to be $15 to $20 million per year. She earned more than PS10 million per film in 2009, and at one time was the sixth highest-paid actress in the world. In July 2009, Forbes named Watson the most-paid woman in Hollywood, and ranked her salary above that of Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie. Currently, she has carved a successful career in fashion, launching her line of clothing.

In addition to the aforementioned films, Emma Watson has appeared in several other films, including the Academy Award-winning Beauty and the Beast. Her net worth is around $85 million. She earned a record-breaking $15 million from the last Harry Potter movie, which grossed nearly 5.4 billion dollars worldwide. She has also starred in BBC adaptations of Ballet Shoes and Nanny McPhee, earning more than $12 million during the last decade.

Despite her booming career in Hollywood, Emma Watson has a steady stream of other passions. Her first acting gig came at age six, and her parents soon enrolled her in Stagecoach Theater Arts in Oxford, where she learned the ropes of acting. She has also appeared in stage plays, and in 2007 she was cast as Hermione Granger. She even lent her voice for The Tale of Despereaux.

While her “Harry Potter” career continues to bring her millions of dollars, Emma Watson is also a Women’s UN Ambassador. As a result, Emma Watson’s Harry Potter salary is more than just a mere stipend – she can choose which roles she wants to play and pursue other endeavors as she pleases. However, her “Harry Potter” salary will continue to keep her busy.

Her endorsements

One of the most recognizable and successful celebrities in the world, Emma Watson, has numerous endorsements. She is an actress and activist, and she was appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014. She is also a UN Women campaigner and she helps launch the campaign HeForShe, which advocates for gender equality. Emma Watson’s endorsements are numerous, but one of her most notable is her role in the film, The Mummy.

The British Academy of Film and Television has recognized Emma Watson for her outstanding performance in the wildly popular Harry Potter franchise. She has received multiple movie offers, and her most recent film, Beauty and the Beast, has become one of the highest-grossing movies in history. As a result of her success in the film industry, Emma has signed multiple endorsement deals with leading companies. Her newest endorsement with Chanel was for a new makeup line called Coco Mademoiselle, and she was given two years of free makeup from Chanel.

Other notable endorsements include Burberry and Calvin Klein. In August/Winter 2009, she landed a six-figure deal with Burberry. She also became the face of Lancome in 2011. Watson’s endorsements are a big part of her income, but the actual amounts vary from year to year. But even though she is an actress and a celebrity, she still has time to continue her education. She studied at two universities, Brown University and Oxford’s Worcester College, and graduated in May 2014.

As a humanitarian, Emma Watson is active in promoting various causes and charities. She has donated $1million to the Justice and Equality Fund, a UK-based foundation fighting against discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of sex harassment. She has also supported mental health awareness, and regularly travels to countries like Bangladesh and Zambia. In 2014, she was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. She delivered an address at UN headquarters during the launch of the HeForShe campaign and visited Uruguay.

Apart from her career as an actress, Emma Watson is also a model and an activist. Her net worth is estimated at $80 million, and it includes money she earns from endorsements. During the Harry Potter series, she starred as Hermione Granger, the protagonist in the book series, which gained her worldwide fame. During her time as an actress, Emma Watson has also been active in many other fields, including human rights. She was appointed as the UN Goodwill Ambassador for the UN organization HeForShe campaign, which promotes gender equality.

Her charitable work

The celebrity is an effective megaphone for social causes, and Emma Watson is no exception. She supports J.K. Rowling’s Lumos foundation, which provides resources to struggling families and aims to prevent their children from being institutionalized. The two have a longstanding friendship, and Watson even appeared at a fundraiser for Warner Bros. Studio Harry Potter in 2013.

As a model, Emma Watson has chosen to focus on promoting ethical fashion. She is the face of Burberry in 2009 and has designed clothing for children with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds. The proceeds of her clothing line benefit UNICEF. Emma Watson’s charitable work isn’t limited to the United States, however. She has also given numerous speeches at the United Nations. Here are some of her notable charity appearances and campaigns:

Despite her young age, Emma Watson has already helped fund and mobilize people around the world to fight extreme poverty. She has also endorsed causes that promote gender equality, and she has donated generously to organizations that support transgender youth. Her charity work reflects her deep commitment to these causes. She has also made significant donations to organizations that support intersectional feminism and women’s rights. She is now studying at Brown University and acting in the movie “This is the End.”

In addition to her many charitable efforts, Emma Watson has a long and distinguished acting career. She starred in Harry Potter, Little Women, and Beauty and the Beast. She later played Belle in the popular Disney film Beauty and the Beast. Among her other projects, Emma Watson has worked with the British Academy of Film and TV Arts, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, and other leading organizations. She has also been invited to serve on the G7’s Gender Equality Council, an executive position she took in 2012.

In addition to fighting global poverty, the British actress has been active in many causes, including gender equality, organic fashion, and animal rights. She has also become an ambassador of the UN Women’s Goodwill Campaign and is a champion of women’s rights in all spheres. These initiatives, along with many others, allow her to do good without a negative image. Emma Watson’s charitable work is truly exceptional. She continues to inspire young people by bringing awareness to social issues, and her charitable work has no limits.

Short Biography Of Emma Watson

Name Emma Watson
Real Name
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
Nick-name Em
Sex Female
Date Of Birth 15 April 1990
Age 31 Years (as in 2022)
Profession / Occupation
Actress, Model, Activist (Hollywood)
Mother Tongue English
Religion Agnostic
Nation British
Caste Not Known
Zodiac Sign Aries
Height / Weight 5’5″ / 53kg
First Movie
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)
Film: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)
Money Factor Not Known


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