Emailing Your Resume? Consider These 7 Vital Tips To Stand Out

Emailing Your Resume

Emailing a response is an easy task, but a very important one. As a result, it is the one in which most people make a mistake. Every job listing today is accompanied by a set of instructions that the employers expect you to follow. In fact, it is believed that recruiters will start judging you and your efficiency by looking at your resume and your ability to mail your resume while keeping in mind all the instructions. These instructions are easy to follow, however, a lot of people are unable to do this and submit their resumes in a totally wrong format. They will send their mail with unnecessary information. This mistake is very costly and makes employers look over such resumes.

This article contains some vital tips and hints about how you can mail your resume in an appropriate way that grabs the attention of your employers. If you are unsure about how to make a professional resume for yourself, you can always contact Resume writing services. There are some tools such as a free online resume maker tool that are also available that help you to make a profile that stands out.

Tips to consider while Emailing your resume:

Write an appropriate subject to the mail

Make sure to write an appropriate as well as an interesting subject in the mail in which you send your resume to your recruiter. If you mail your resume with a boring and dull subject line such as “resume for application” then there are high chances that recruiters will not find it very attractive and would not bother going through it. Try to write an interactive, interesting as well as appropriate subject line like “Experienced graphic designer resume for the post of graphic designing”. These kinds of subject lines make your mail interesting and will catch the eye of the recruiter who can then further proceed with your resume.

Address the manager using his first name

When applying for a job you always send your email to the hiring manager. The hiring manager must be receiving lots of emails. When you address the hiring manager by using his first name it can create a human touch and make the manager empathetic towards you and read your resume attentively. You can find the hiring manager’s name in the job listing or in the email id in which you are requested to send the CV.

Keep the mail personalized to the company you apply to

In the body of the email, you should mention why you want to apply for the job in what way will the job be beneficial to you, and why you are the best bet for the company. While applying for a large number of jobs this process might be tiresome but it is very beneficial and will help you get the job very fast.

Apply from a professional email address

Make sure that the email ID from which you apply for the job is a professional one. Sending out your resume from an unprofessional email id (like )which is inappropriate will make recruiters reject you even before reading your resume. For this, you can consider making a separate email id that is professional for the purpose of applying for jobs or internships.

Attach the pdf of your resume and cover letter

Attach the PDF of your resume and the cover letter in the email. While doing so make sure that you do not name your resume as “resume” and the cover letter as “cover letter”. The recruiter must be receiving many such resumes. You can name your resume as “Your_NAME_resume” and your cover letter as “Your_NAME_coverletter”.

Display your eagerness for the role in the body of the mail

The body of your email in which you send the resume should be energetic and display your eagerness to be a part of the organization. You can tell the hiring manager that you will be glad to meet them in person. Such an attitude often impresses hiring managers and will increase your chances of being called for an interview.

Attach your contact details and signature at the end

Although the recruiters will have your email id from which they can contact you, it is always a better option to attach your personal details such as your contact number in the email. This enables them to make contact with you. Also, add your professional signature at the end of the email. These kinds of things display your professionalism and increase your chances of getting hired.


Getting a job or an internship in today’s world of cut-throat competition is a very difficult task. In order to land yourself a good job, it is important to take care of such little things as the ones mentioned above. Apart from these, it is extremely important to have a good resume as well as a Linkedin Profile. If you feel that you are facing trouble with them, make sure you can refer to a Free Online resume builder or a professional company.



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