Dell Curry Net Worth, Career, Life and Many More

Dell Curry Net Worth

Dell Curry has earned a lot of money as a basketball player. He has also made money as a basketball commentator. He is well known in the NBA as the all-time leading scorer for the Hornets. While he played for the Hornets, Dell Curry Net Worth is mostly from his basketball career. He also makes money as a basketball commentator for the Hornets. You can read more about Curry’s net worth and his family in this article.

Dell Curry was a basketball player

American former professional basketball player, Wardell Stephen Curry Sr., born May 22, 1964, is an honorary native of Virginia. He played in the National Basketball Association from 1986 to 2002, retiring as the all-time leader of the Charlotte Hornets in points and three-point field goals made. A native of Virginia, Curry is also an accomplished paint artist. He won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award in 1996.

After a storied career as a basketball player, Dell Curry continues to give back. He has established a non-profit foundation, the Dell Curry Foundation, in order to provide educational training and drug abuse counseling for youths in need. In addition, Curry has been instrumental in raising awareness of the AIDS epidemic by holding events aimed at increasing awareness about its impact on health. However, he has a very personal approach to his health and fitness.

Wardell Stephen “Dell” Curry was born in June 1964 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He played as a small forward and shooting guard in high school, and was named McDonald’s All-American. Dell Curry also won a state championship in both basketball and baseball. He was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 1982 MLB draft. Curry went on to play college basketball for Virginia Tech, where he was named the Metro Conference Player of the Year in 1986 and a Consensus Second-Team All-American.

Curry is the proud father of three children, including Steph. His marriage to Sonya Curry ended in a nasty divorce in August 2021, and the two have accused each other of cheating. They had been married for 33 years before the split, and had three children together. Sonya Curry was a former basketball player, and Dell met her while playing for Virginia Tech. It is believed that the couple met during their college years.

Besides being an all-time great shooter, Dell Curry is a former professional basketball player. He played in the NBA for sixteen seasons, and was named the all-time leading scorer and three-point field goal maker for the Charlotte Hornets. Curry’s career in the NBA has been highlighted by his two sons, Stephen and Seth, and daughter Sydel. Despite his lengthy career, he is known as Steph Curry, and is considered one of the best shooters in NBA history.

In addition to being a professional basketball player, Dell also owns a volleyball team for the Elon Phoenix women’s club. His daughter, Sydel, plays volleyball for the Elon Phoenix women’s volleyball team, which competes in the CAA Conference. He also married Sonya Adams, a volleyball player who played volleyball in college. Dell and Sonya have three children, whose eldest son Stephen plays for the Golden State Warriors and his daughter, Sydel, plays volleyball.

Dell Curry’s wife is Sonya Adams

Sonya Curry is the wife of former NBA player Dell Curry. She met the retired professional basketball star during their time at Virginia Tech. Sonya was the team’s volleyball ace leader, and the two decided to marry. The couple wed in 1988 and settled in Charlotte, North Carolina. Together, they have three children. Sonya is very religious. She is very close to her children. And she’s also very supportive of her husband’s professional career.

Sonya Curry is an American school administrator, former volleyball player, and mother of two NBA stars: Stephen Curry and Seth. She is the wife of former NBA player Dell Curry. Sonya was born in Radford, Virginia, and attended Radford High School. Sonya was an excellent athlete, winning numerous championships at the state level in both basketball and volleyball. She and her husband also played volleyball at Virginia Tech in the 1980s.

Sonya played basketball and volleyball in high school. She also participated in track and field. She was a student-athlete at Virginia Tech and was named All-Metro by the Metro Conference. Sonya was a devoted student and received a degree in education and started the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman in Huntersville, North Carolina. They are now divorced. But Sonya’s work is far from over. She’s a founding member of the Board of Directors at Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Since Dell and Sonya married in 1988, the couple has been together for about three decades. The couple met at Virginia Tech, and eventually married. They have three children together. Sonya and Dell are still in contact. She and Dell divorced in June 2021. Sonya and Dell recently filed for divorce in North Carolina. The divorce is a bittersweet story for Sonya and Dell. Sonya’s ex-husband, Dell, is now open to dating other men, but they’re no longer together.

After Dell Curry’s NBA career ended, his wife started a Christian Montessori School in Charlotte, North Carolina. The school is accredited by the Montessori Society of America and approved by the North Carolina Department of Private Instruction. Sonya Curry also owns a Montessori school in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she teaches over 150 children. But she maintains a low profile. Despite the attention and publicity, Sonya Curry’s daughter-in-law and son-in-law has expressed their frustration about the publicity surrounding their personal lives.

Sonya Curry was born on 30 May 1966 in Radford, Virginia. Her parents are Haitian. She met her future husband, Dell Curry, during their time at Virginia Tech. The couple married in 1988 and have three children together. They have two daughters and a son. Sonya and Dell Curry have two children. It is a wonderful story of two very talented individuals. There’s no doubt that they’ll be the most successful couple in the NBA.

Dell Curry’s children

Dell Curry is an NBA player and the proud father of Steph Curry. Curry and his wife, Sonya, have been involved in a nasty divorce. During their relationship, both women accused each other of cheating on them. The Currys had been married for 33 years when they got divorced. Dell and Sonya met while playing volleyball at Virginia Tech. They have three children together: a daughter and two sons. The Currys are currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sonya Curry filed for divorce from Dell last August, accusing him of cheating on her. She and Steph Curry addressed the divorce during a February press conference. Curry and Sonya were married in 1988, when Steph was only seven years old. In 1990, they welcomed their second child, Seth Curry, and daughter Sydel Curry in 1994. Sonya and Dell Curry’s divorce was finalized this week. The Currys had been together for 33 years.

The couple married in 1988 and have three children: Stephen and Seth. His children are also basketball players. Seth is a shooting guard while his sister, Sydel, plays volleyball. The couple is also very close with their church and share the same beliefs. Dell Curry stands at 6 feet, four inches and weighs about 190 pounds. He has a healthy lifestyle and tries to stay physically fit. If you’re wondering how to get a hold of Dell Curry’s children, you can check out her Instagram page.

The two most famous sons of Dell Curry are Michael and Stephen. Both sons play in the NBA and have made the father and son-in-law very proud. They are incredibly talented! They both played for various clubs in their young lives and were drafted by different teams in the 1982 MLB draft. The father of Michael is very proud of his kids, and they are sure to follow in his footsteps. There’s no doubt they will continue to be successful in their chosen field.

While Sonya claims that Dell cheated on her, the evidence suggests that the divorce was not her fault. During their marriage, Dell had affairs with numerous women and it’s a known fact that Dell’s family knew about it. Dell didn’t expose the cheating to protect their relationship, but Sonya publicly cleared her name after the divorce was final. The divorce is a tragic event for Sonya and Dell’s children.

The divorced couple has been active in their children’s lives. The Currys’ children have become celebrities in their own right and are adored by fans worldwide. Dell Curry’s ex-wife, Sonya, often attends their sons’ games and spends time with them. Her love for her children has made her a very popular woman on social media. They have been spotted holding hands with celebrities, and Sonya Curry is known for sharing the spotlight with her children.

Short Biography Of Dell Curry

Net Worth $10 Million
Name Dell Curry
Age 58
Height (1.8 m)
Weight 80KG (Approx)
American former professional basketball player
Date Of Birth July 25, 1964
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
$500,000 Million (Annual)


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