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A scam is an online website that charges its users money in exchange for access to certain services. It is quite easy to find thousands of sites that use a subscription model for selling products or services. Nonetheless, one should be cautious and avoid if they are in possession of a bank card or have it stolen. There are several things that one should keep in mind before signing up with this site. Read on to learn about the common dangers of this site.

Chargeback prevention scam

A good chargeback prevention strategy starts with strong credit card verification. The billing address of the customer should match the one used for payment. If it does not, merchants can refuse the transaction and avoid the possibility of a chargeback. If this is not possible, merchants should provide a phone number for customer support. Chargeback fraud is a major issue in credit card processing. Here are several ways to avoid becoming a victim of chargeback fraud.

One way to prevent chargeback fraud is to stay away from unsubscribe services offered by scam sites. Often, these sites are run by adult content and gambling websites. These sites offer unsubscribe services and take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. The scammers use these unsubscribe services to collect additional money from unsuspecting consumers. If you find yourself a victim of a chargeback, contact your credit card company right away and ask for your money back.


A good way to spot a scam is to look for one with the code jL0laAJa. This website looks like an ordinary affiliate site, but it is actually a fake. The code is actually a combination of letters – jyySjA/uJjO, fyZAxA, jl0pA, fyZo, and jloax.

In addition to this, there are a lot of similar-sounding names on the internet, including Yyyjyryuyt A, yyyjyryuyt B, yyyjyryut C, and Zl2ZPS. As you can see, the scammers have managed to confuse investors. Fortunately, they have a way of reversing the process, so you should never sign up for the site.

Another warning sign is a website’s location. Whether it is a US state or a foreign country, is likely to be hosted in a corrupt environment. Its SSL certificate encrypts data that is sent between your browser and its website, but scammers are increasingly stealing SSL certificates. This makes it very easy to make a purchase and get scammed. Therefore, it is crucial to contact your own counsel immediately.

SSL certificate

To secure the website, you must get an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates encrypt the data between the browser and the website, providing visitors with increased confidence when using it. There are different types of SSL Certificates, each with their own characteristics and benefits. The highest level of trust is Extended Validation, the second is Organization Validated, and the lowest is Domain Validated. The level of trust reflects the reliability of the site.

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