Chrono Astrea Reroll – The Style and NP Gain From

chrono astrea reroll

If you’ve played the role-playing game Chrono Astrea, you know that rerolling your character can be a great way to level up fast. It’s possible to earn legendary items and gain loot as you progress through the game. As you gain experience, you’ll also be able to climb arena rankings and unlock new chrono astrea reroll legendaries. The Archkeeper of the Light, a heroic character, was once attacked by five pagans on the planet Ruin Day. Fortunately, he repelled the evil and won the day.

NP Gain

The NP gain from a chrono astrea reroll is the same as the OE(c)PS”Y. That’s because it’s the same OE(c)PS”Y, but with a different number of NP. This article will go over some of the differences between the two. You’ll learn what each one means and how to use it to make the most of your reroll.

Astraea lacks an offensive class advantage, so she rarely has any real advantage in fights. However, the NP she does gain is respectable compared to most Servants. This is particularly true when you consider that her arts cards are better NP-based. You can use the NP boost to increase your crit and damage, while gaining NP from rerolling.

If you want to maximize the NP gain of your Chrono Astrea reroll, you’ll want to get the best possible loot. The higher your NP gain, the better you can level your characters. This is also an effective way to earn legendary items. If you can find enough loot from killing other players, you can sell them for a better price. But remember, you can only use them once a day, so you have to use them regularly to get the most out of them.


The Style of Chrono Astrea reroll will reroll your character’s current stats, allowing you to play as a better character with better stats. The reroll is done every time your character level reaches 70. If your character level reaches 70, you can reroll your character to a better one by buying a Legendary. It will also reroll your experience and reroll your gear as well.

To reroll a character, you will need the gift code from the creator. You will be required to enter a PID and gift code into the Chrono Astrea gift shop to redeem the code. Once you enter the code, you will receive an in-game email that contains your rewards. You must collect these rewards to complete your account. Remember to only use a creator’s code once per account.

Mana Burst

Astraea is a good choice for people who want a self-sufficient, self-sustaining character. She has a decent NP gain and is capable of self-sustaining itself with her NP, which can generate as many as 20 stars per turn. With Mana Burst (Star), she can produce up to 30 stars on demand. Additionally, she has a short-cooldown star absorption skill and a good damage boost.

One of the main benefits of Mana Burst is its synergy with Astraea. The effect lasts only one turn and gives a 50 percent boost. It also doubles as a potent source of on-demand Critical Stars, which can be very valuable for a team. Mana Burst also pairs well with Astraea’s third skill, Golden Capture the Carp, which allows Astraea to generate 50 stars on her swap-in turn.

You can use Chrono Astrea Gift Codes to increase the value of your character and skills. These codes can be obtained from the social media pages of the developers. These codes can be used to purchase in-game items such as epic loot and characters. You can also use Chrono Astrea promo codes to redeem them for exclusive items. You can exchange them for other exclusive items in the game, like gold.

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