bodyfreedomtoday com scam – the Body Freedom Today Scam

bodyfreedomtoday com scam

If you’re interested in getting into the body-positive lifestyle, you’ve likely come across the website This site provides reviews on various body-positive clothing, products, and services, as well as workshops on self-care, detoxification, and breathing exercises. The only problem with this website is that it’s a scam! Let’s explore what you can do to protect yourself from this scam! is a website that provides reviews of various

In the United States, is a popular site because it offers reviews of a wide range of body-positive clothing, products, and services. Its goal is to encourage women to embrace their body positivity, which is the basis for the Body Freedom Today community. The site has been in existence for almost two years, and it has a high trust index. As such, it is safe to visit the website.

The founder of the site is not known, and the website does not have a phone number or service mail address. However, its owner is visible and can be contacted via YouTube and Twitter. The site has a high trust rating with a 95% confidence rating on Trustpilot. In addition, the website does not have an office address, and there is no client feedback on the site.

It also offers classes and workshops on topics such as detoxification, self-care, breathing exercises, weight loss and more

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It is a scam

If you’re thinking about signing up with, be aware that there are several reasons why you shouldn’t do so. Firstly, there’s no physical office address. Secondly, you’ll not be able to contact the company’s founder by phone. In addition, the company’s social networking profiles aren’t credible. While the site does have a large number of Facebook followers, it lacks genuine information about the business. Besides, many reviews are about scams, which is one of the biggest signs that the site isn’t genuine. Lastly, there’s no refund policy, which is another red flag.

The Body Freedom Today website presents an opportunity for weight loss that has been around for a while. Its website provides a one-hour preliminary, which sounds great, but it’s hard to determine whether it’s actually a scam or not. Moreover, there aren’t any client reviews available online. Consequently, you can’t trust any of the information on

Lastly, Body Freedom Today’s website offers few customer reviews. Most reviews relate to natural health and diet plans. Its domain name was registered two years ago, and it’s due to expire on the 19th December 2021. However, there are still some good points, and Body Freedom Today has been around for several years, so it’s unlikely to be a scam. Nevertheless, if you’re considering joining Body Freedom Today, make sure that you’ve read these tips before committing.


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