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Apeirophobia Roblox

The Apeirophobia Roblox game has five different levels. The first level, the easiest to complete, is a straight path in the sewers. The second and third levels are longer. The fourth and fifth levels are more difficult and contain spikes. The fifth level is the hardest and features a Roblox character. If you have trouble figuring out the fourth level, try watching a video of it first. This will help you overcome your phobia.

Game description

If you are interested in playing a new horror Roblox game, you have likely come across the Apeirophobia game. This game is in its pre-alpha stage, and interested Roblox users are looking for information on this game. Based on the creepypasta story The Backrooms, Apeirophobia lets you wander through an endless maze of rooms and encounter a variety of different entities. The game’s premise is that the player is trapped inside a creepy mansion with various rooms containing scary entities.

The game’s story is based on a popular urban legend, which has been made into a Roblox game. Players must navigate the rooms and collect items to escape. To help them escape, players will be equipped with a flashlight and camera. Players can also use a whistle to warn other players, but note that respawns are limited and bugs will be present in the game. It is also worth noting that the game is still in pre-alpha mode, so expect bugs and unstable gameplay.


In this Apeirophobia video game, you must count the number of dice placed in the room, and then find the corresponding color. This will help you complete the level. You can also check out the Levels of Apeirophobia Roblox guides for other Roblox games. There are a total of five levels in Apeirophobia. The first level is the easiest, but you will need to make sure you do not fall!

In Apeirophobia, the game is a horror-themed frantic experience that requires you to solve puzzles and run away from monsters to advance. The game is currently in pre-alpha mode, which means there are still bugs that need to be fixed. Once this phase is completed, the game will have no bugs and be available for download on the Roblox app store. Regardless of whether you enjoy playing horror games or not, you will find Apeirophobia to be a great new way to spend your free time.

Helpful items

Having trouble beating Apeirophobia Roblox? Try checking out our Apeirophobia Guide. We’ve compiled a list of items you need to beat the game and will also tell you how to earn new badges. You can get the Reality Badge by collecting Simulation Cores. These are items you can buy to improve your skills and stamina. Listed below are the helpful items for Apeirophobia Roblox.

Apeirophobia Roblox is an online horror game based on the creepypasta, “The Backrooms.” You’ll explore rooms full of ghouls and other creatures, and need to escape before time runs out. While exploring the game, you can equip yourself with an emergency light and camera. Additionally, you can use a whistle to alert other players of your situation. We hope these tips will help you beat Apeirophobia Roblox.

Release date

A recent video game released on the popular coding platform, Roblox, is a horror-themed game called Apeirophobia. Inspired by the You-tube game Pixels, Apeirophobia takes players on a series of unpredictable horror adventures filled with obstacles and labyrinths. The game’s release date is not yet known, but it is currently in pre-alpha stage, which allows players to discover bugs and other issues before the final release. After completing this testing phase, Apeirophobia will be free from bugs.

However, while the game is still in pre-alpha stage, it is still possible to play the demo. Although the game has no specific release date, you can check out its gameplay videos on YouTube to get a better idea of what to expect. However, you shouldn’t set any expectations based on these videos, because the final version may not be available for several more months. It is best to wait until the game has been officially released before committing to a pre-alpha copy.

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