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Adam Weitsman Net Worth

The value of stoneware collections can easily reach millions of dollars. The New York-based businessman Adam Weitsman has accumulated a substantial collection of stoneware, which can be valued in the millions of dollars. This article will discuss some of the most interesting facts about the net worth of Adam Weitsman. Additionally, we’ll discuss his social media accounts. After you finish reading this article, you should be able to figure out how much he earns per month.

Upstate Shredding – Weitsman Recycling was founded by Adam Weitsman

In addition to owning an 11-acre landfill in Solva, New York, Adam Weitsman also has several other businesses. His companies Upstate Shredding and Weitsman Recycling acquired Empire Recycling in Watertown and New Castle, New York, respectively. In addition to his recycling business, Adam Weitsman also owns restaurants in Skaneateles and Omega, NY. In 2021, he plans to open a new Italian restaurant.

Adam Weitsman was born on June 13, 1968. He married Kim Weitsman in 2006 and has three children. Adam and Kim have two children, Monroe and Rae. They are expecting their third child in 2021. Adam Weitsman is a zealous art collector and is known for purchasing American stoneware bottles at scrap yards and other thrift stores.

Adam Weitsman worked in art galleries before launching his own scrap metal processing company. He was responsible for the opening of a gallery in Greenwich Village in 1991 and was vice president of the family scrap metal company in 1995. After his father retired, Adam Weitsman decided to go into the processing side of scrap metal recycling. He eventually started his own company, Upstate Shredding, in 1997, and expanded his business with sister companies in Binghamton, Syracuse, and Ithaca.

Adam Weitsman was born in 1880 in New York and moved to the United States in 1934. He founded his company in Owego, New York, where he still maintains its headquarters. Upstate Shredding is currently owned privately by Weitsman. Adam Weitsman net worth is estimated at $1.2 billion. Our company has more than one location across the state and is among the largest on the East Coast.

Weitsman’s passion for art and collecting started early in life. His father had discovered early American stoneware bottles. By 1982, he had collected 60 pieces of 19th century stoneware. In 1986, Weitsman graduated from the Owego Free Academy and majored in banking at C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. In 1991, he started an American Folk Art Gallery in Greenwich Village. In 1995, he was named vice president of Ben Weitsman & Son, a scrap processing company. Weitsman purchased the company from his father in 2005.

Adam Weitsman’s stoneware collection is worth millions of dollars

Adam Weitsman, a former felon and executive at a metal recycling company, has spent the last 30 years buying and selling 19th century vessels made in New York State. The collection includes utilitarian gray cylinders painted with animals. The collection has fetched prices in the millions of dollars. Since it started, the collection has become one of Weitsman’s most prized possessions, and his father is currently financing a hardcover catalog for the New York State Museum.

While collecting stoneware pieces, Weitsman has been doing community service work as well. He donated his stoneware collection to the state museum in Albany, New York, in January 2019. In addition, he donated $175,000 to four Boys & Girls Clubs and $100,000 to the Rescue Mission’s Clarence L. Jordan Food Service and Culinary Education Center. As a result, his stoneware collection is worth millions of dollars.

As a teenager, Weitsman began collecting 19th-century stoneware. His collection grew into a trove of over 60 pieces. In addition, he became a philanthropist, donating to nonprofit organizations and Binghamton University. He also refurbished his 1902 mansion in the Finger Lakes with the help of big-name New York architects. After his sister died of cancer, Weitsman returned to his hometown to continue the family’s scrap metal business.

Aside from collecting antiques, Weitsman also has a thriving restaurant business. He and his wife recently donated $175,000 to four Boys & Girls Clubs. Adam Weitsman’s stoneware collection is worth millions of dollars. However, despite his massive fortune, Weitsman remains modest. His Rolls-Royce and private jet are among his most luxurious possessions.

Weitsman also has celebrity connections. His wife, Kimberly DeFrance, joined the company in 2004 and helped run its scrap business. The couple is married and has three children: Clover, Monroe, and Rae. They are also active on social media, posting pictures of themselves with celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Carmelo’s son Alec. The couple even got married in 2006 and live in a Skaneateles mansion.

Adam Weitsman’s cars

Adam Weitsman owns several expensive automobiles. The most famous of them is the Rolls Royce Ghost. The businessman’s wife, Kimberly DeFrance, is a former fashion model. He met her in 2000 while she was visiting her father in Owego. She joined him in the scrap business in 2004 and soon after they got married in Skaneateles, NY. The couple has a daughter named Clover and twins in 2017. The couple lives in a mansion in Skaneateles, NY.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Weitsman worked in art galleries and eventually opened his own American Folk Art Gallery in Greenwich Village, New York. He later became Vice President of his family’s scrap processing company and bought it from his father. He also bought a sister business, Upstate Shredding, in 1997. Weitsman and his wife then donated the proceeds of the restaurant to 16 nonprofits in the area. In 2009, they bought an 11-acre junkyard from Peter Matlow.

Weitsman flies to his Finger Lakes vacation home in a private Gulfstream jet with his wife, Kim. Their Rolls Royce Ghost cost $250,000, and their Lamborghini costs $20 million. Their vacation home includes museum-quality furnishings and an incredible view of Central Park. The couple has three children. They also have a $7.5 million Finger Lakes summer retreat. They also own a luxury restaurant, Krebs Restaurant, in upstate New York. Weitsman is currently building a new restaurant, Elephant and the Dove, at the same time. A sushi bar will be added in the near future.

In 2003, Weitsman pleaded guilty to 86 counts of bank fraud and was sentenced to a year and a day in prison. He was later freed after serving eight months in jail. In addition, he recovered his business and established himself as a maverick industrialist. He still owns a couple of cars and continues to support charitable causes. After prison, Weitsman has been the subject of several legal battles.

Weitsman’s car collection has grown to a substantial size. In January of this year, he donated a 19th century American stoneware collection to the State Museum in Albany. In addition, he donated $175,000 to four Boys & Girls Clubs in New York and $100,000 to the Rescue Mission’s Clarence L. Jordan Food Service and Culinary Education Center. Weitsman’s cars are among the most expensive on the planet.

Adam Weitsman’s social media accounts

If you’re interested in what the real Adam Weitsman looks like, you may be interested in following his social media accounts. After all, he’s a well-known businessman who’s made numerous high-profile donations. But did you know that he’s also married and has three kids? Read on to learn more about his social media life. The first thing you’ll notice about Weitsman’s social media accounts is that he’s extremely public. He’s posted several pictures of his family, including one of his daughters with Hailey Baldwin and another of Justin Beiber with his wife.

Weitsman’s net worth has grown over the years. He’s become one of the most sought-after men in the scrapyard business. And he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Adam Weitsman’s social media accounts offer a unique glimpse into his life and career. While his online accounts are full of business-related information, he is also very honest and open about his personal life.

The man behind Weitsman’s social media accounts has been a fascinating figure for many. He’s used these accounts to build a following of over 130,000 people on Facebook. His personal story has also made him a popular businessman, and many of his friends are his fans. While he’s a successful businessman, he has also exhibited his entrepreneurial spirit on his social media accounts.

Adam Weitsman was born in Owego, NY, and began collecting American stoneware when he was a teenager. By the end of the 1980s, he had collected more than 60 pieces of 19th century stoneware. Adam Weitsman graduated from Owego Free Academy in 1986 and majored in banking at Long Island University. He opened his own art gallery in Greenwich Village in 1991. He later went on to become the vice president of Ben Weitsman & Sons scrap processing business.

As a computer entrepreneur, Weitsman has also launched Profound, a business networking and social club in upstate New York. The business club’s first day saw 110 applications and membership dues ranging from $16,200 to $54,000. This fee includes exclusive invitations to events. If you’re interested in joining, be sure to check out Weitsman’s social media accounts. You may be surprised by what you find.

Short Biography Of Adam Weitsman

Net Worth $1.5 Billion
Name Adam Weitsman
Age 54 Years Old
Height (1.75 m)
Weight 75 KG (Approx)
Profession Businessman
Date Of Birth 13 June 1968
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Salary $100 Million
Spouse Kimberly DeFrance

Social media account

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Facebook Click Here
Twitter Click Here
LinkedIn Click here


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