5 Tips on How to Choose an Ideal Shade Structure

How to Choose an Ideal Shade Structure

Regarding shade, most people would likely think it’s just a simple cloth over the sun or a colorful umbrella. Yes, by its default purpose, it’s typically a structure that could give you shade over the hot sun during a picnic or outdoor event. But finding the perfect one to match your standard and interest can be quite difficult because of the wide variety of choices.

This blog is perfect for you if you are looking for tips on choosing your ideal shade structure! Shade Factor can help you know what you should look for in terms of taste, so keep on reading to learn more.

What is a Shade Structure?

A shade structure is intended to protect you from the sun’s glare. The structure may be temporary or permanent roofing outdoors, and plants mostly support or complement them.

But shade structure doesn’t just stop there, especially when you are hosting an event or simply an owner of a business involving the outdoors. Shade plays a key role in an establishment’s aesthetics as well as the purpose itself.

1. How Much Is Your Budget?

Knowing how much you are willing to spend on almost every project or goal is essential. Unless you don’t have any limits in terms of spending, then good for you, but that doesn’t mean you will be spending it recklessly.

Being aware of the financial aspects of the project will give you an idea of how much is expected if you follow certain designs or materials. If it’s a little out of reach, you can switch up the designs and bring creativity within you or your team.

2. Where Is It Located?

Where is your property located? Is it within a busy city or surrounded by nature? The location can influence the design depending on your goal and preference.

Alongside location, it is important to note what type of Shade Structure fits your theme and design plans. Location and the type of structure go hand-in-hand together to achieve a complimenting look that isn’t too hard for the eyes. Here are the different types, but there might be more.

  • Custom Shape
  • Integrated Shade
  • Canopy
  • Hip Shade
  • Multi-panel
  • Cantilever
  • Shade Sails

3. How Will The Shade Structure Look?

Are you planning to build an irreplaceable design or Something adjustable? And are you planning to make one simple to assemble or Something more in-depth? Those are two of the important questions that you should be asking in terms of shade structure.

It’s important to note the skeletal basis of this project. Think of it as a rough sketch. You can do this alone or have a professional make it for you. You have to take this step seriously to determine possible accidents that might occur in the future. It’s also better if you get a professional opinion regarding your plans.

Once your budget and location are determined, it’s natural to start sketching out the project’s possible outcomes. Do you want the shade to look like leaves, or maybe some colorful umbrellas that line up together?

4. What Is Your Design Goal?

In connection to number 3, once you finalize your sketch, it’s time for the next step. Most people find designing the hardest or most exciting part of the process. But there are also important details that you should consider, like:


Are you going to incorporate your brand in the design? Maybe you’re also going for a memorable design that people will most likely remember or associate with your brand. On a side note, this is also a clever tactic to increase your brand awareness to the public.


If you’re not going for a trademark, you’re likely going for a theme. Do you want something simple but aesthetically pleasing to the eyes? Maybe casual, like an everyday look. It could also be professional or classy.

Make sure it goes with your structure type, whatever theme you think of. You wouldn’t want an out-of-place-looking shade just hanging around your property. That might not leave a good impression on passersby.


Once you settle your allotted budget and final design, you can decide which materials to use in your project. Make sure to choose sturdy ones that would last for several years. Choose wisely and be practical. There are a lot of cheap and beautiful materials, but they won’t serve you long.

Avoid updating/changing easily damaged materials often. They might be cheap, but if you total how frequently you’re replacing them, you are most likely spending too much compared to the sturdy ones.

5. What Will Be The Benefits?

Are you just going to please the people’s eyes, or do you also want to give out a proper shade too? The definition of shade structure has been discussed, but some establishments don’t go for useful designs. So it’s important to know if you are one of those people.

But regardless, it’s still preferable that your project should be useful. Since great designs attract people to take pictures, thus spreading the word about the aesthetic place. Plus, if it’s functional, more and more people will be drawn to it, which is a super win on your side because of all the great exposure you will receive.

Wrap up

Who knew shade structures require you to plan so much to get the ideal one for you? Like any other building, Shade structure is also an art form. It’s not as easy as opening an umbrella and walking away. It’s broad and complex, and it requires effort too. Consider making the shade structure even more attractive with a styling knowledge you can get from garden design courses. Just remember to include safety hazards, and sometimes simplicity is best.


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