4 Hair Extension Mistakes to Avoid

Hair Extension Mistakes to Avoid

Having those shiny locks of hair is a dream for many. Everyone wants to have longer, lustrous, and fuller hair. Unfortunately, increasing your hair’s volume, shine, and length doesn’t happen overnight. You need to spend months taking care of your hair and wait for them to grow in length and volume. If you don’t want to wait for that long, there’s a quick and straightforward solution to this problem: hair extensions.

Hair extensions are the best and quickest way to make your hair look more beautiful, longer, and fuller. They are made of natural human hair, so they easily blend in when attached to your natural hair. Anyone can use them as they’re available in various hair lengths, colors, textures, and types. 

Extensions come in multiple varieties; for example, they can come with clips extensions hair which are more suitable for people who have busy schedules and cannot take a hairdresser’s appointment to attach the extensions.

Generally, people often make mistakes while using hair extensions, and these mistakes can cause embarrassment in a social situation or severely damage the extensions. Here are four terrible hair extension mistakes that you need to avoid.

Buying the wrong shade of extensions

Hair extensions are available in various shades to blend effortlessly with your natural hair. You can easily find extensions in brown, black, blonde, and red shades. Many people often buy the wrong shade, which doesn’t match their hair, and one can quickly notice the extensions. 

Therefore you should always choose the correct shade, one that’s closest to your original hair color. You may not always be able to find extensions in the same shade as your hair, but it is essential to choose one that blends well with your original hair and doesn’t look obvious. 

Choosing the wrong type of extensions

Hair extensions are of numerous kinds. They are classified based on the installation technique they require. Suppose you want to use extensions every day and want to remove them after use. It’s best to use clips for extensions of hair, as they have small yet durable clips that firmly grip your hair. You can remove them within a few minutes without any hassle. On the other hand, other extensions like micro links, weaves, or tape-in can take hours to install, and they stay attached to your hair for weeks or months, unlike clip-on extensions. 

Your purpose for using the extensions can affect your purchase decisions if you want a quick fix that can be easily installed and removed without spending hours at salons. Using clips for extensions of hair is perfect for you. Choose tape-in if you seek a more permanent solution that can stay on for weeks. They glue them on thin portions of your hair with the help of adhesives and heating tools. They can stay on for weeks, and you can remove them at the salon. If you are going on a date in an hour, you cannot visit the salon to get the tape-in extensions. You can quickly install clip-ins, and you are ready with perfect locks of hair.

Buying cheap hair extensions.

Many people fall prey to false marketing and low prices and buy poor-quality extensions. Cheap extensions are usually made of artificial hair and look unnaturally glossy, making them obvious. 

How would you feel if your date sees shades of hair that do not match? If you want to avoid embarrassing moments, it’s more practical to invest and buy premium hair extensions.

Premium hair extensions are 100% Indian Remy hair, the hallmark for extension hairs. They are thicker and more durable, which means the extensions can last for years without facing any damage, discoloration, or dislodging. 

The hair color of premium hair extensions is also natural. They are untreated and unbleached hair and match a wide range of hair colors. They are also available in brown, red, black, and blonde shades. Hair extensions are a worthwhile investment, so make sure you buy premium hair extensions and not the knock-offs.

Selecting the wrong length for extensions

Hair extensions add instant length to your natural hair. Though you can choose any length, you should be mindful of adding them at the right place. If you have short hair and install extensions near the nape of your neck, it may look like a mullet. If you choose the right length, your hair will look longer and fuller. 

Hair extensions not only increase the volume and length of your hair. They boost your confidence and self-esteem. They also help you socialize more confidently without being conscious of your hair.


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